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Tuesday Dec 2021

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Fresh organic matcha tea powder and drink with bowl and Chasen bamboo whisk.

15 Reasons why matcha is better

The story of matcha

Unique properties of matcha green tea

Things that prove matcha is better than regular green teas


Green tea is not a new super food for the people, but it has become the first choice of millions of people. Green tea is considered the best to fight obesity, cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and many other health issues.

Whisk Matcha is also a type of green tea and now the health experts believe that Matcha is even better than other green teas. So, now the question arises that should you drink Matcha or green tea? Many researches were held to compare the health benefits of Matcha with other green teas and the results were amazing. Matcha’s nutrient count and other properties prove that it is the best one can drink for a better health and happy life.

The story of Matcha:

The Matcha tea may be a new kind of tea in the western world, but the Chinese and the Japanese have been taking it for many centuries. The Chinese people have been preparing Matcha since the age of the Tang Dynasty. It is the longest running beverage and still being used by the Chinese as a tea, and essential ingredient for many recipes. The Monk Eisai had brought Matcha and the method of harvesting and preparing this green tea to Japan during the 12th century. It was a new tea for the Japanese, but soon it had become popular because of its unique taste and color.

The Japanese had found some better methods of harvesting Matcha to provide it a unique texture, color, and improve its nutrients. Today that method is the most popular method of harvesting this green tea. The farmers place the Camellia sinensis plant under the shade during the quarter of harvesting Matcha. The lack of sunlight helps Matcha leaves to gain a perfect shape and quality before harvesting. The fresh leaves are later handpicked and stone ground to produce a fine powder of the leaves. This is how Matcha is produced and it is how it looks different than other green teas. This green tea is an integral part of the traditional Japanese ceremonies. For foreigners, it is the best green tea for a better health.

Unique properties of Matcha green tea:

Matcha is unique in several ways. It looks brighter green and it gains such a vibrant color because of excess levels of chlorophyll, which is a powerful polyphenol. Most of the users agree that Matcha seems more delicious than all the other green teas. You may experience a bitter taste, if you buy and use low grade Matcha. The premium grade Matcha would always taste delicious and unique. The Japanese people add some sort of sweetener like honey with dairy products to improve the taste of ceremonial grade green tea.

Of course, it is not the taste that turns Matcha into the best green tea. The unique texture of this green tea turns it into the most famous super food for the humans. You get it as a fine, smooth powder, which looks velvety when you touch it. The other green teas seem grainy, like someone has crushed-up the leaves and then produced the tea. The producers are quite picky about the tea leaves. They do not use all the leaves of the tea plant to produce Matcha. Only the finest leaves are handpicked to produce Matcha powder.


The way of preparing the Matcha green tea is also quite different from the other types’ green teas. You need to pour the green tea powder into hot water (about 180°F) and then whisk the solution to prepare the delicious tea. The regular green teas require boiling (212°F) water and thus most of the nutrients are destroyed during the preparation process. The health experts also agree that one bowl of Matcha green tea offers the same count of nutrients as 10-15 cups of regular green tea can offer. Therefore, Matcha is better than other green teas. Now, let’s explore in details that why Matcha is a better choice for you than regular green teas.

Things that prove Matcha is better than regular green teas:

  • Matcha is a powerhouse of the antioxidants:

Most of the people prefer green tea over the regular teas because of their antioxidant count. What if you can consume more antioxidants that the regular green teas? Matcha is renowned for offering more antioxidants than any other green tea available on the planet. ORAC, which is the measurement of antioxidant value, has offered 1380 score to Matcha. In other words we can say that Matcha’s antioxidant serving count is enormous and a lot better than other types’ green teas. You should daily take around 3,000 to 5,000 ORAC intake of antioxidants, which would be possible only if you take two bowls of Matcha green tea.

  • It is a great infection protector:

This green tea offers a larger supply of EGCG (epigallocatecin gallate) in comparison to regular green teas. The EGCG is also called a great infection protector. You will never experience infections like viral infection, fungal infection, and bacterial infection if you daily drink two bowls Matcha green tea.

The EGCG is an antioxidant that is capable of binding to the user’s lipid membrane so that it can reduce the human pathogens growth. You can compare this health benefit of Matcha with any other green tea, like many other health experts have done before. Matcha will come out as the best against all other green teas.

  • Matcha is a great cancer fighter:

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases, which has caused severe damage to many humans. It is a curable disease now, but that cure may cost thousands of dollars or more. It is better to add a super food in your daily diet that can help you in preventing cancer. Matcha is that super food, which contains a bulk amount of EGCG antioxidant. The EGCG is a compound that is solely capable of fighting many types’ cancers. The chemopreventive properties of EGCG turn it into a great cancer preventive compound and Matcha offers the best intake of EGCG with each dose. The Match green tea prevents the proliferation of cancerous cells and thus it becomes a great anti-cancer beverage for all the humans. 

  • Matcha is an amazing body cleanser:

Do you want your green tea to be an amazing detoxifier and body cleanser? Do not think twice and place an order for the Matcha green tea now because it is the best detoxifier. These are not only the nutrients and preparation methods that differ Matcha from other green teas, but the way of harvesting Matcha is also very different. The producers keep Matcha plants under the shade to prevent the leaves from sunlight. Consequently, the chlorophyll count in the tea leaves increase dramatically and these leaves gain a dark green shade. This process not only offers the tea leaves an astounding color, but also improves the detoxification features of Matcha.

  • Matcha is great for improving cardiovascular health:

High levels of LDL cholesterol can cause severe damage to the cardiovascular health of any individual. The health experts are trying to find out the ways of increasing HDL cholesterol levels and decreasing LDL cholesterol levels. Fortunately, Matcha is the most affordable beverage you can drink to keep cholesterol under control. It is not just a claim. Many studies were held to prove Matcha’s cardiovascular health benefits and the researchers have found that Matcha provides a rich amount of antioxidants that keeps cholesterol under control. Consequently, the chances of cardiovascular health issues, decrease significantly.

  • Matcha is the best tea for the diabetics:

Anybody can suffer with the severe effects of diabetes if his/her body stops producing insulin naturally. Insulin converts the consumed sugar into energy. The lack of insulin can increase the blood sugar levels and therefore you may be prone to diabetes. Matcha tea can help you in preventing and fighting diabetes quite effectively. This green tea is considered the best beverage for preventing and curing Type1 diabetes.

  • Matcha boosts the functionality of the immune system:

Doesn’t it seem surprising that Matcha offer such a large number of health benefits? The regular green teas do not offer such amazing health benefits. In fact, many regular green teas do not improve the performance of the immune system. Its antioxidants, especially EGCG, polyphenols, potassium, L-theanine, and many others promote the smooth functioning of the immune system. You remain healthy and happy without suffering with any serious health issue for a long time.

  • Matcha is a great energy booster:

You may have drunk many natural and chemical mixed health drinks to boost the energy levels. Of course, those health drinks cause some noticeable health issues like the excess of coffee can result in insomnia. Why to drink such products while Matcha can boost your energy levels without causing any adverse effect to your health. It works better than coffee, regular green teas, and harmful energy booster drinks that you buy from the market. It offers a moderated amount of caffeine that turns it into a great energy booster.

  • Matcha is a reliable solution for obesity:

Needless to say, Matcha helps you in reducing extra body weight faster than any other green tea. Just like other green teas, Matcha’s nutrients boost the performance of the metabolic system. You burn more calories and ideal fat stored in your body. Consequently, you burn extra fat faster and get in an ideal shape without putting extra effort in the fitness training.

  • Matcha keeps you young for a long time:

Many women prefer green tea over the regular teas because they want to avoid free radicals for a long time. Aging is a natural process and nobody can avoid it, but it can be slowed down by consuming an ingredient that is rich in antioxidants. Of course, Matcha is that ingredient and you must drink the 2 cups of this green tea to slow down the aging process.

  • Matcha is an HIV protector:

The search for the cure is on and thus an HIV disease can cause a lethal damage to any individual’s health. The researches show that Matcha can protect you against the attack of HIV virus. Prevention should be your first priority, when the cure is not available and Matcha offers a great prevention against the HIV diseases.

  • Matcha is a reliable ingredient for improving gastrointestinal health:

The health experts across the world are studying the health benefits of Matcha tea. Several studies show that Matcha can be beneficial to keep the user’s gastrointestinal healthy. It removes severe toxins and chemicals out of the body by stimulating fecal excretion. In addition, the moderate quantity of caffeine available in Matcha also helps you in maintaining the regular bowel movement.

  • Matcha is anti-viral:

The regular intake of the Matcha green tea will help you in preventing viral infections such as influenza, cold, H1N1 and staph infections. You will never feel stressed and enjoy the taste of Matcha without suffering with any viral infection. The other green teas do not prevent viral infections as effectively as Matcha does. In fact, many green teas do not offer any protection against viral infections.

  • Matcha is a natural mental stress reliever:

Stress is the worst enemy of the success and all the businessmen, employees, and other people suffer with stress because of different reasons. Matcha can help you in preventing stress and living a happy life.

The L-theanine is an amino acid, which Matcha contains five times more than regular green teas. This amino acid improves the production of alpha waves. Consequently, you feel calm and stress free.

  • Matcha is a versatile ingredient:

Have you ever thought about tasting an ice-cream, prepared from a green tea? Of course, the regular green teas cannot be used to prepare ice-cream because their grainy texture will reduce the taste and quality of the ice-cream. Matcha green tea is widely used to produce delicious and healthy ice-creams. The modern chefs are also producing a wide range of delicious recipes in which Matcha plays a vital role. It has now become a versatile ingredient, which everybody should consume for a better health and a happy life.


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