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Tuesday Dec 2021

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Fresh organic matcha tea powder and drink with bowl and Chasen bamboo whisk.


Practical reason to choose matcha

Treat coffee as an occasional beverage


Coffee is the most important beverage for many people. They seek it as they wake up in the morning. They need it during the office time, during the evening, and sometimes also during the nighttime. Many researchers have conducted studies and found that excessive intake of coffee can be quite harmful for your health as you will take an increased amount of caffeine. What do you think about replacing coffee a beverage that will not cause any damage to your health? Yes, it is a great idea and what else can be a more delicious and healthy than the Whisk Matcha.

It is an excellent variety of green tea. No, it is not a new form of green tea because it used to be a regular beverage of the ancient Chinese civilization. The Japanese had found it delicious and made it an important beverage of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Matcha is different from other varieties of green tea in many ways. You need to grow the plants in the shades during the final three weeks before cropping it. The stems of the plant will get removed during the tea preparation. Of course, the process of producing tea is quite different from other varieties of green tea and that’s how Matcha gains a unique taste in comparison to other green tea variants.

You will find it smooth as you will take it for the first time. You will find it more compelling than coffee and other types of tea and therefore you would like to consume it daily. It tastes awesome, but the taste is not the only reason you should take Matcha. There are some other reasons, which you must know so that you can make Matcha your regular beverage.

  1. Rich in antioxidants:

matcha Green tea is considered the healthiest beverage for the mankind because it is rich in antioxidants. It contains Catechins, which prevents cell damage and keep you healthy. You will experience several great health advantages, if you regularly take a healthy amount of Catechins. This antioxidant will slow down the aging process and you can maintain your youth for a long time. You can make it an integral part of your anti-aging exercise. It will help you in maintaining your youth and you will look attractive. Many individuals have switched to Matcha after knowing its anti-aging benefits and you should also try it.

To maintain the highest possible quantity of Catechins in the tea, you should mix this green tea in the water before it reaches the boiling temperature. Too hot water can reduce the antioxidant count, so keep this tip in your mind. Coffee does not offer any anti-aging nutrient that may protect your youth. In fact, it may affect your beauty if you consume it excessively. Replace the coffee with the Matcha tea and get the health benefits of Catechins. You can also squeeze a slice of lemon to absorb Catechins quickly.

  1. Helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels:

Catechins is not only helpful in slowing down the aging process, but it also helps you in reducing bad cholesterol levels. In addition, it also increases the good cholesterol levels along with improving cellular health. The risks of heart attack and stroke increase rapidly, when the levels of bad cholesterol increase in your body. People take several medicines to control bad cholesterol levels, but those medications also cause adverse effects on your health. Why to use a health damaging medicine, when you can naturally control the levels of bad cholesterol?

The Matcha tea is a natural source of Catechins. This antioxidant is also popular for its bad cholesterol controlling properties. It helps you in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Coffee does not help you in reducing the bad cholesterol levels and increasing good cholesterol levels. In fact, it affects your health by increasing bad cholesterol levels. Your bad cholesterol levels would 20% higher than normal people, if you daily take more than two cups of coffee. You would be prone to heart diseases and therefore you should think about switching coffee with Matcha tea as soon as possible. It is a delicious beverage and you will not miss coffee once you start taking Matcha.

  1. It is good for your mind:

You may find it little weird, but green tea is also helps you in maintaining a healthy brain. It aids in mental clarity. The Catechins nutrient will keep your heart healthy and it will ultimately keep the blood vessels in your brain healthy. It is proven through some studies that green tea improves users’ mental power as it improves the activeness of human brain areas, which control the memory. It boosts the performance of general cognitive function and that’s why you should drink Matcha regularly. It is the healthiest green tea and it possesses all the healthy properties that you need to keep your brain healthy.

People take coffee more often during the daytime and nighttime because they want to stay awake and active. It may keep you awake, but it will never improve general cognitive function. Coffee does not improve the performance of the human brain. In fact, some researchers have found that adults may develop cognitive impairment issue due to excessive intake of coffee. Kids don’t like coffee and most of the adults love it. You should now decide that you want to improve the performance of your brain or face the health issues in future. Switching to Matcha green tea would be a great idea.

  1. It helps you in curing diabetes:

The Matcha team is considered a great beverage for regulating the blood sugar levels. It is considered quite healthy for the diabetes patients, who are suffering with Type II diabetes. You can easily prevent the cataracts caused by diabetes, if you regularly take Matcha tea. The health experts believe that green tea offers a great support for preventing dietary sugar from getting metabolized. Thus, your blood sugar levels will remain under control and you can enjoy your life without getting worried about increased diabetes levels.


Many people know that coffee is not an ideal beverage for the diabetics. In fact, it is quite dangerous for your health, if you are a Type II diabetes patient and take many cups of coffee in a day. Coffee will increase your blood sugar levels on a daily basis and there would be severe consequences on your health. You should replace coffee with unsweetened Matcha tea and drink it daily. Soon, you will observe that your diabetes is getting under control and you are feeling healthier. The Matcha tea offers all the benefits of coffee and therefore it is a great alternative to coffee.

  1. It improves your metabolism:

Your metabolic system is not working properly, if your body weight is increasing day-by-day. You should be concerned about it and think about reducing your body weight. Many health experts have conducted studies and found that green tea is a great ingredient to control rapidly increasing body weight. Matcha is a green tea and it is rich in antioxidants and healthy acids. It can boost the performance of the metabolic system. You can burn all the calories you have gained from your food, if your metabolic system is working properly. In fact, you can burn accumulated body fat and produce more energy by taking Matcha tea every morning and evening.

You would love to take Matcha tea because you don’t need sugar to improve its deliciousness. It tastes great, when you take it without sugar. You cannot take coffee without sugar because it would be a bitter experience for you. Most of the people take coffee with sugar and milk. Both of these ingredients increase body fat and cause other health issues. You will never gain extra calories by consuming Matcha tea. The fat burning process will speed up in your body and ultimately you will be able to lose extra fat quickly.

  1. It offers a healthy amount of caffeine:

Most of the people take coffee because it tastes delicious, but what about its side-effects? Coffee contains a very high amount of caffeine that can cause some serious side-effects, like nausea, headache, anxiety, twitching, irritability, dehydration, rapid heartbeat, and many other issues. Matcha green tea does not contain such a large quantity of caffeine and that’s why it is safer than coffee. It boosts your energy levels by supplying a moderated amount of caffeine in your body. You feel refreshed and energetic after taking every sip of this tea. There is no risk of side-effects and that’s why Matcha is a better option.

The researchers have also found that consumption of too much caffeine can lead you towards insomnia. People, who drink too much coffee in a day, can’t sleep during the nighttime. Increase intake of caffeine causes sleep disorders like insomnia. You need to visit the doctor for a quick relief so that you can sleep properly. Why to take a risk of insomnia, when you can take Matcha tea to get better health benefits in comparison to coffee?

  1. Matcha is for a better mood:

If you think Catechins are the only health promoting nutrients in the Matcha tea, then wait for a second. This green tea offers a bunch of healthy nutrients. The Theanine amino acid is one of those healthy nutrients that work as a mood booster substance for the users. It was found in many researches that Theanine improves the levels of serotonin, dopamine, and other essential chemicals in your body. Some of these chemicals make you feel better and improve your mood. You can be positive and create some better plans for the day, if you take a few sips of Matcha green tea before starting your day.

If you are hoping that coffee may have something that may improve your mood, then don’t waste your time. Coffee does not contain theanine. It contains a very high percentage of caffeine that can cause anxiety and depression. You will struggle with these issues and face some other health issues as well. You can avoid the health risks and make Matcha your morning beverage. It will keep you happy, positive, and well focused on your life and work.

The practical reason to choose Matcha:

All the above mentioned benefits of Matcha tea you experience when you take it. A practical and visible benefit of this green tea is quick preparation. It is not like other teas that come in tea bags and take a long time for brewing. You get Matcha as finely ground tea that you can mix into hot water and stir for a few seconds and it is ready. There is no need to mix sugar and other ingredients to improve the taste of this green team. Just mix it in hot water, stir it, and take it.

Treat coffee as an occasional beverage:

We have mentioned many health benefits of Matcha green tea along with the side-effects of taking coffee. You should know that coffee can affect your health and performance in many ways. There is no pride in saying that “I take many cups of coffee” because you disclose a bad habit in front of known or unknown people. Switch to Matcha green tea, feel the benefits, and then encourage others to take it. Do not take it like an endorsement. This green tea will improve your lifestyle. It will offer visible health benefits and then you would like to help others in curing their excessive coffee consuming habit.

There are many varieties of green tea. Matcha is a green tea that contains a great combination of antioxidants. In fact, it has larger antioxidants than several other green teas. All of those antioxidants will help you in maintaining a better health and living a healthy life. Coffee offers only a few health benefits, but its side-effects are larger than health benefits. You may have realized the power and advantages of Matcha over coffee through this article. Therefore, place the order for Matcha green tea now and take it daily to experience the benefits.

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