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June 07, 2018 6 min read

Matcha Green Tea can cause diarrhea?

We all know that matcha is made of finest powder green tea that produced using the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, similar types of plant used to make dark tea, white tea, or any different kinds of green tea.

Different green tea made with entire leaves or leaf parts, matcha leaf powder is thinly ground, and it does not feel stressful in the wake of soaking. We all know that matcha green tea is one of a robust refreshment.

In some cases it is called by green tea lover as a superfood, this sort of superfoods are pressed with various medical advantages, such as being loaded with cancer prevention agents, expanding vitality levels, bringing down cholesterol and glucose and consuming fat to enable you to get thinner.

In any case, a few people expect that since it has good side effects to our bodies, there aren't any reactions or a point of confinement to the amount you can drink.

There can be opposed symptoms on the off chance that somebody overspends in a given time or relying upon the age and condition of the person drinking it.

Drinking matcha is regularly alright for the average individual when it's consumed with little sums. But since of the ordinarily high caffeine content found in this green tea, drinking excessively or being touchy to caffeine can cause the ingest or to encounter specific adverse reactions.

Matcha green tea has a lot of positive effects on our body but are we also aware that it does not give us beneficial effects after we drink it? An excessive amount of drinking matcha green tea can cause symptoms because of its high caffeine content which can lead to these reactions.


  • Loose stools or diarrhea
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Cardiac arrhythmia
  • Irritable bowel disorder

And one of the well-known side effects of the above reactions is the Diarrhea. If you have a sensitive stomach, then be aware of drinking too much of matcha green tea. If you want to know more about on how matcha can affect our body, have a take a look at this article to find more interesting facts about the side effects of matcha green tea.

What is Diarrhea?

Droopiness of the entrails is the condition of having not less than three losses or liquid defecations each day. It frequently leaves on for a few days and hydration deficiency because of water failure. Indications of lack of hydration commonly start with defeat in the usual stretchiness of the fur and poorly tempered performances. This can proceed to reduce the pee, loss of skin gloominess, a rapid heart rate, and a decline in sensitivity as it turns out to be extra severe.


One of the typical reactions of unreasonable drinking of matcha green tea is Diarrhea particularly for those individuals who have a very sensitive stomach. They tend to encounter this unfriendly response in the wake of drinking it.

At the point when stools are free and watery, the body would lose more electrolytes, and in this manner, it builds the danger of drying out. Likewise, caffeine can strengthen the intestinal tract in many ways.

On the other hand, it influences intestinal tract to ingest more fluid, and in this ways, it expands the measure of water through actions. Then again, it additionally performs peristaltic movement to push nourishment through the length of the stomach related tract.

For this situation, it makes the regular activities. This symptom is more manifest mainly when individuals drink caffeinated drink early in the day. As it were, an additional liquid can prompt the runs when it goes alongside the stool in the middle of a substantial discharge.

The facts about caffeine in Matcha Green tea that can cause Diarrhea

The caffeine in green tea arouses your digestive organs in two or three ways. For one, it might make your digestive organs attract more liquid, therefore expanding the measure of water discharged when you have defecation. It might likewise arouse motility, making your entrails move sooner than regular.

This is especially valid if you drink caffeine-containing drinks like matcha green tea early in the day. It was the shorter travel time and expanded liquid discharge that can prompt free stools, particularly on the off chance that you are delicate to caffeine.

Green tea is generally alright for grown-ups when expended with some restraint. It removes additionally thought to be by and a large safe for a great many people when taken orally or while being connected topically on the skin for a brief timeframe.

Despite, drinking excessively green tea, more than three mugs a day is thought to be risky. The symptoms of green tea are because of the caffeine exhibit in it.

Reduce the risk of Diarrhea


Losing stools is an awkward disadvantage in certain individuals encounter right after they drink matcha green tea or other types of green tea. Once you have runny stools, you feel out of energy, and sometimes it causes the possibility of having lack of fluids.

A quick thought to lessen the odds of looseness of the bowels is to diminish the sum of green tea you take at first. When your body starts to accustom to it, you can sip more. An additional technique is to control the consumption of green tea on an unfilled stomach. Instead, have it with a complete feast, for example, breakfast.

Having foods in your belly diminishes the appetite-related symptoms of caffeine. On the off chance that you like to sip green tea during dinners, have a go and include it afterward in the day, for example, toward the evening, since the stomach related impacts are more articulated early in the day.

The Solutions


Diarrhea attacks increment the danger of electrolyte irregularity and drying out. On the off chance that you have runny poops from in taking matcha green tea or other green tea as well, support your drinking of clear refreshments, for example, clean water, to help return liquids in your body. The additional liquid will help counteract drying out.

Try not to hold up until you're dried out either. When your body signs you to sip, you may as of now be got dried out. Another one is, consume nourish foods that facilitate the recharges of your energy. Another one is eating some salty foods; it is one of an example that can help you to supplant sodium.

Natural products, mainly bananas, some oranges and fresh avocados, are loaded with potassium, at the same time as beans, nuts, seeds, and yogurt are also packed with magnesium and calcium.

Quit drinking matcha or other types of green tea and counsel your specialist on the off chance that you encounter extreme runny stools, and make inquiries to your doctor to regulate out the conditions your body of, for example, grumpy inside disorder and fiery gut.

The good news if you are experiencing runny stools is it usually transitory. That implies it will typically vanish after the body adjusts to caffeine. Meanwhile, individuals can take a few measures to diminish the danger of the runs and forestall drying out and other related issues.

On the off chance that it is an extreme looseness of the bowels, individuals should quit drinking it and see a specialist promptly since it should preclude the likelihood of bad-tempered inside disorder, colitis, and different genuine illnesses.



  1. How many cups of matcha tea is required to avoid those side effects from drinking it? You should top out 3-5 cups a day to avoid those side effects
  2. Is this safe to drink of pregnant woman? Yes, however, you should only drink less than 2 cups a day of matcha green tea or other green teas because it contains caffeine level.
  3. When should we go to a doctor when we encounter runny stools? Some Diarrhea usually vanishes for a couple of days however if it takes more severe head up and sees your doctor to take you for advice.
  4. Are there any ways to avoid this? Yes, if you know how to limit yourself drinking it.



Matcha Green tea or other green teas is the safest drinks for grown-ups when devoured with some restraint. These green teas extricate similarly thought to be safest beverages for many people when taken orally or connected topically on the skin for a brief timeframe.

Be that as it may, drinking excessively green tea, for example, is, more than 5 cups every day is thought to be unsafe. At the point when consuming in abundance, green tea symptoms incorporate looseness of the bowels or different ailment in that you may experience in your body.

You don't need to stop drinking your most some green tea, yet if you have a touchy stomach, then you ought to counsel your specialist about what number of cups you can have every day. Control is the way to appreciating the full advantages of matcha green tea or other green teas.