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June 07, 2018 6 min read

Is it possible to drink too much of matcha green tea?

What amount of matcha tea every day you like to drink? What amount is matcha excessively? Will drink overly matcha are safe? Matcha is an exceptionally a healthy green tea yet it contains caffeine.

So touchy individuals, or those with stomach issues and sleep deprivation ought to be cautious about the everyday caffeine sum utilization. In spite the fact that the tremendous medical advantages of green tea and matcha in every one of their structures, for some reasons unknown it may not precisely be the situation.

A few information even claim that matcha and green tea can decrease your danger of specific growths. Presently, in any case, there's a stressing report that green tea and matcha could cause symptoms on the off chance that you drink it excessively. There are a couple of adverse outcomes to drinking lots and loads of green tea.

The tannins found in matcha tea or other green teas can diminish assimilation of folic corrosive, a critical vitamin that enables to decline a birth deficiency. On the off chance that you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, you should constrain your green tea utilization to two cups per day, or skip it out.

Matcha green tea or different teas can likewise meddle with the adaptation of iron, as well, so it's suggested that you need to give up from drinking green tea with suppers and merely drink it between them.


A few people drink distinctive caffeine refreshments to remain alarmed and have attention to details. Matcha is refreshment that is produced using high and dry green tea leaves, so this implies it includes caffeine. Some well-known teas contain 70mg of caffeine.  

On top of this, you should worry the way that caffeine in matcha discharges gradually in the body. Once you drink a measure of matcha, caffeine will remove for around 36 hours in the wake of taking it. It is diverse when drinking espresso. Caffeine in espresso will release rapidly and provides you with a shock of energy quick.

A grown-up can drink among of 100 mg and 250 mg of caffeine for every day. On the off chance that you don't have belly problems, sleep deprivation issue, cardiovascular sickness, ulcers, or as well as being pregnant, you most likely could drink from one to three measures of matcha every day without any sensitivity reactions. Although, it is not like a knife to misrepresent with whatever thing, so appreciate in a ratio of matcha or 2 each day and you ought to be okay.

Facts about too much matcha green tea in your body

Drinking a healthy and invigorating matcha green tea beverages can once in a while give us medical advantages, however drinking excessively of it can cause us serious medical issues. For this situation, there's a report concerning a few people who became ill of too much consuming of matcha green tea every day, and this is precisely the result for a young lady who is only 16 years-old.

She begins drinking some homegrown green tea every day for more than three months to get in shape. In any case, rather than having a decent impact on her body, she thought to have a severe urinary tract infection, to discover it was real this sort of herb-actuated hepatitis this medical problem also is known as hepatotoxicity

Knows the hepatotoxicity

Hepatotoxicity, it is when an excessive number of aromatic plant or enhancement—all from Tylenol to green tea—synthetically prompt to liver harm. This specific kind, homegrown hepatotoxicity, can occur if we take excessively of a herbal supplement or even down an excessive number of measures of herbal tea or green tea a day.

Green tea is pressed with catechins, a cell reinforcement mix that in the best possible measurement conveys enormous advantages like reducing cholesterol and lessened danger of coronary illness and growth. However, taken in exceedingly thought dosages similar to those found in a great deal of weight reduction supplements can cause homegrown hepatotoxicity.

The best time to drink matcha green tea

Drinking matcha green tea or other green teas is uncommon. The caffeine it has is exceptionally influential. Having it an antioxidant and theanine, or in taking even a little sum can have an intense stimulating impact that can be able to end up to six hours or more. However, too much drinking it can cause side effects to your body. Learn how to consume your alcohol with this simple guide on how you can devour matcha green tea without getting health side effects.

Matcha before doing exercises

  • If you drink matcha green tea before you go to work out then you probably doing it right. Drinking before doing exercise is the ideal method to guarantee that you get the most out of your workouts, the diligent work that you put in. An investigation distributed in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition watched that drinking green tea expands the body's ability to consume calories significantly, up to 35-43%, and that Matcha can build your physical continuance up to 24%.

Matcha before work

  • These days, current life is frequently bothered by pressure, to the point that we are seldom at any point wholly refreshed. Matcha facilitates pressure through its dynamic fixing L-theanine. This makes alpha waves in the cerebrum. Usually, that initiate a condition of loose sharpness. Extremely supportive for managing the complexities of the cutting edge work environment.  As though this wasn't sufficient, drinking Matcha can enhance your capacity to ingest and hold new data.

Matcha as an afternoon “choice.”

  • Consider Matcha a caffeinated drink that discharges vitality in your circulatory system gradually. This implies consistent Matcha consumers encounter a jolt of energy that keeps going throughout the day. Early specialists credited this to the caffeine in Matcha. In any case, current examinations have discovered that it's the blend of energizing natural properties that are in charge of the moderate arrival of vitality.

If you know how to control yourself of drinking too much of this tea, you will be able to receive the health benefits of matcha without getting side effects. The best way to have a healthy living is on how you know the right consumptions of every drink you take. If you often drink matcha green tea or other green tea, learn how to avoid this list to enjoy the maximum health benefits of matcha green tea.

  • Try not to drink your Matcha at very young hour toward the beginning of the day.
  • Do n’t drink Matcha in an unfilled stomach. It could prompt stomach to agitate.
  • Try not to drink Matcha tea in the meantime as your first suppers, as it can diminish the assimilation of vitamin B1 in your body, which can cause a situation named Beriberi.
  • After 5 p.m., due to the caffeine. Caffeine remains in the circulatory system for up to 5 hours.

The measure of caffeine that ought to be devoured in one day by the normal grown-up is 400mg. This implies around 5.5 rules of matcha every day to have the safest matcha drink. Five steps of matcha ought to be sufficient to keep you stimulated consistently.

Caffeine tends to be addictive so drinking excessively as it can prompt horrible withdrawal side effects if you ever quit drinking it. The primary reason that numerous individuals drink matcha is for its medical advantages aside from its delicious taste – drinking so much that you exceed your everyday caffeine edge would be lead to counterproductive.


  1. Why is matcha green tea are not safe for pregnant woman? Drinking matcha is safe for pregnancy. However, there’s a limit drinking it. A pregnant woman should consume matcha tea with 1 cup a day not exceeding it.
  2. Is there any side effects of matcha except for diarrhea? Yes, too much matcha can also cause dizziness, heartburn and stomach discomfort.
  3. Do I need to stop drinking matcha green tea? Of course not, drinking matcha is safe and yet what you need to do is know how to control or see the consumption of this every day.
  4. How many cups of matcha should I need to drink? Not more than 3 cups are the most required cups of drinking matcha green tea

Match Statistics

Try not to surpass your green tea allow more than three glasses in a day. For the best medical advantages, 2 to 3 mugs are suggested. Though, dosages of green tea change altogether, yet generally run between 1-3 cups every day is viewed as protected.

To control tea, to individuals ordinarily utilize one tsp of tea leaves in 240 ml of bubbling water. Drink green tea when it's crisply made yet marginally cooled. Burning tea can harm your stomach related system. Also, late investigations propose that a lot of hot tea can advance throat malignancy.