Green Tea Extract vs Matcha

Which Is Best Green Tea Extract or Matcha Green Tea?

Are you familiar with matcha? If not, well let me give you some ideas about it.

It is a green, vibrant tea powder that is carefully handled through the process. It is said to be an expensive kind of green tea, but of course, you get the value of your money. This is not just because of its delicious taste, but of course, it has all the fantastic benefits that are very helpful in improving your health.

Matcha nowadays is very popular, and there are some establishments like restaurants and cafes making and creating recipes out the form using matcha tea powder. And this makes some people go crazy about it because it’s a good idea.

Matcha powder is a kind of green tea. It’s not just an ordinary green tea but a particular type of tea because it is known to help many severe illnesses like cancer. Well, are you not convinced about it? Let’s take a look at the next context to make it real.

What is Matcha?

The matcha comes from a plant called Camellia sinensis which is also the kind of plant where black, oolong and green tea came from The thing here is that it has very complicated and delicate process in achieving matcha tea powder.

Most of the tea experts and tea masters are very careful in handling this matcha tea powder process. From farming, harvesting up to the grinding process should be appropriately observed.

How you make Matcha green tea vs. Green tea?

When you’re buying a green tea, you usually do it by steeping in hot water until it infused adequately and you can drink it and enjoy. But with matcha green tea you’re drinking the entire levels.

You need to measure at least one teaspoon matcha tea powder then dissolve in hot water and use a whisk or anything that can help you adequately mixed it then you're good to go. This is considered the best green tea because you drink all the potential nutrients in the body.

What are the benefits of matcha tea powder?

Known to its high nutritional value, matcha green tea should be consumed daily, or you can make it as a regular drink instead of drinking your coffee. It contains the high antioxidant that could aid in helping you with weight loss.

It promotes proper and faster metabolism that could help your digestive system works well. It has an EGCG content that can fight any severe diseases that may be fatal to anyone. It has 137 times content of EGCG compare to a regular green tea.

It acts as an energy booster to the body and could help you go through the day. It is best as an alternative drink to your coffee every day and will also give a bit of energy to perform your daily task. It also provides alertness to the body because of the L-theanine content inside of it.

A lot of people justified that the sharpness it gives to their body is so different because it can make you feel calm and relax without any drowsiness.

To some people, matcha tea drink may sometimes let them feel bitter so you can add a bit of any sweetener according to your taste. It will also enhance the flavor and will let you crave for more.

There are a lot of recipes out there that contains matcha tea powder, but it’s not healthy because of the too much sugar on it. Just like with matcha chocolates, matcha smoothies and other desserts and matcha cakes. Matcha tea is said to be low-calorie content and best alternative to any drinks that contain sugar.


Matcha is known to be one of the best kind of green tea nowadays. But did you know they are two different tea, and it has their features that describes why you should have it in your daily cup? The following list where you can identify the difference between matcha and green tea.


Matcha tea powder has a vibrant green color while in green tea it has a dull color lie a watery drink. Matcha tea powder has the best green color because of its high content in chlorophyll.


Matcha has a better taste because it has come from the quality kind of tea plant from Japan. And most of it is used during tea ceremony which is palatable. While regular green tea is like you taste only the watery tea plant.


In matcha tea powder you'll feel beautiful and smooth powder while in green tea you will have crushed tea leaves and rough.


During the process, the matcha tea powder is delicately handled by the experts and only the tea plant is needed. Most of it is ground through stone to make a fine powder. While in green tea leaves you need to steep the leaves and let it infused and after that disregard the leaves.


Matcha tea powder is best to dissolve in hot water with the temperature of 175-degree Celsius while green tea leaves dissolve in hot water measuring the temperature of 212-degree Celsius.


Matcha green tea is best compared to green tea leaves with regards to their nutritional benefits. In 1 cup of matcha green tea, it is said to be equivalent to 10 cups of a regular green tea.

Aside from that in matcha green tea\, you’re drinking the entire leaf so you are very sure that you get all the nutrients in matcha while in green tea leaves it is mostly used and pack in a tea bag so you cannot drink the nutrients inside it.