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June 24, 2018 4 min read

Nowadays matcha tea powder is very popular with many people because of its delicious and healthy effect on the body. It does a lot to the health of a person. It can be a good source of energy and may enhance your endurance in everyday activities if you intake it regularly.

You will be amazed by the wonders of matcha tea powder because it can also reduce the risk of some serious illness like cancer and diabetes.

Drinking the matcha green tea is consuming all the entire leaf of a tea plant. This makes it more nutritional and delicious in content. It can be your best pair during your dietary program or even just your regular drink every day.It is said that it has a higher content of antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids,calcium, and potassium.

A cup of matcha green tea is ten times equivalent to a regular green tea, so that makes it a lot richer and healthier.


To answer the above question is “YES.”Basically matcha green tea can be a good substitute for coffee. Since green tea is considered a caffeinated drink thus making the matcha green tea has caffeine in it. Matcha tea powder is derived from a crushed, and ground tea leaves called camellia sinensis. A study shows that the caffeine content from matcha tea powder is almost half of the caffeine content that from the coffee.

It is said that regular green tea has about 31.8mg of caffeine content while to those high-grade matcha tea powder that used in tea ceremony has about 68 mg in content. Always remember that caffeine is not harmful to your health if the intake and the amount you get is just right. Caffeine is considered as an excellent stimulant from plants and other fruit-bearing trees.

The caffeine present in matcha green tea will surely boost up the metabolism process and ease your stomach upset.It also helps to improve the proper regulation of your blood sugar.

The highlight of preparation of matcha green tea involves the whisking process. It should be done properly, and the equipment and tools you should be used should be right.


The so-called phytonutrients in matcha are very healthy and have a significant effect on the body. It is said that it is more robust to compare to any black tea or any regular coffee.

The matcha tea powder has a significant amount of content of catechins that serve as antioxidants to the body.The catechins will help to enhance the regulation of the bloodstream making your body parts functions well.

It will surely sustain your energy up to 8 hours a day. Also, there’s content in matcha that can help many diabetic people to improve the insulin intake.It is said that the L-theanine content in matcha tea powder can affect to the calmness and relaxation of your mind. This will also give you peace of mind and will surely sustain your daily health needs.


I always say to anyone I encounter that I love drinking coffee and it’s always been a part of me every day.But matcha has come to me, and it’s been one of the best drink I tasted before. And matcha is on my list to start my day.

There are a lot of reasons to love matcha tea than coffee though it is all the same that it contains energy booster called “CAFFEINE.”You may want to take a look and read some reasons why you must have your matcha tea with you.

MATCHA AND ITS CAFFEINE - Matcha contains caffeine just like with your coffee, but coffee brings some jittery effect to the body. It's a blast and crash effect. Drinking coffee can surely hit your adrenaline and insulin point, this will make you feel nervous and a bit of hunger effect to yourself. However, drinking matcha green tea will make you feel better creating a relaxing feeling to the body.

It has only contained ¼ of its caffeine. It will not give you crash and will make you think gentle but alert in a sense. This will satisfy your cravings but still enjoy the weight loss effect by drinking this kind of tea. The phytonutrients and L-theanine content in matcha tea drink will last up to 8 hours according to many people based on their experiences.

GIVES DENTAL HYGIENE- Matcha green tea can be kind for your dental health. It stops the bacteria to develop that may cause plaque. This can be so powerful to maintain the hygiene in your teeth. This may also prevent bad breath caused by some bacteria. It will not stain your teeth not just like with the coffee that has the possibility of making it stain.

MAKE SKIN YOUNGER- By drinking matcha green tea, it will help your skin gets fairer and glowing.It is said that it supports the cane eliminate in your face. Matcha green tea has been used by many Japanese as the face mask, and they believed that it removes all the bacteria and other viruses in the skin.

AGENT OF ANTIOXIDANT - Since matcha has contained catechins and that it helps to improve in eliminating harmful chemicals, heavy materials and other toxins in the body that may lead to your health in danger if it is not remove immediately.SWo by taking this matcha green tea this will help your help improves better and gives you more energy to keep you going.


Matcha being an expensive green tea and known to its complexity during the process is seriously still a good and the healthiest drink you can have. By just sifting the powder correctly, using hot water and using the bamboo whisk will inevitably create your desired matcha green tea.

For only about thirty seconds in the procedure, you will have the healthiest and deliciously great drink.

Honestly, drinking matcha will not cure any disease, but it can alleviate the condition of your health especially if you have problems with it.  But the exciting features and contents of this kind of green tea will also help improve and is suitable as a supplement to anyone's health.