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June 22, 2018 5 min read

Your Matcha Tea Intake Per Day

We all know that consuming green tea a day for yourself is equivalent to a healthy effect on your system. This healthy drink is consumed around the world and its know that helps to prevent any illnesses that can be so harmful to the body. Green tea is one of the best drink for many years and is popular with many health conscious.

This great matcha green tea is initially from a known plant called Camellia sinensis. You can surely enjoy the delicious taste of this matcha green tea which is so delightful to the feeling plus you get all the nutrients inside it because you’re drinking the whole thing of the leaves.

But have you ever wonder how much is the amount of matcha green tea you need to drink every day?

A lot of people would love to drink the matcha green tea every day for up to 2 cups, but experts say that you should not consume 5 cups a day or more. But honestly speaking as we go on through my research and readings I have read that there is now an overdose of harmful effect when drinking matcha green tea every day for more than 5 cups.

It’s best to drink it like water or any regular drink. The only overdose thing you get is that you got all the best benefit of this drink every day that will make you go without any worries.

But for us, we highly suggest to drink at least 5 cups of matcha green tea every day because we believe that green tea has a bit of caffeine, it’s not harmful though, but this will affect your sleeping habit at night.

So we highly recommend only to drink your matcha green tea before night time. Plus you need to make sure the amount of matcha powder you put in your cup like it should be half of teaspoon to acquire your desired taste and flavor.

The reason why we highly recommend only to drink 5 cups of matcha green tea every day is that it will just limit the caffeine intake. A person is best to drink caffeine with a limited amount of 200 mg per day. So if you’re drinking more than 5 cups then you’re caffeine intake may be too much and it’s not good also if you have so much caffeine in your body.

I believe drinking 5 cups of matcha green tea every day can help you look younger for the coming years and improve your skin glow if drink it often.


More people only consume 2 cups of matcha green tea every day and this equal to 20 cups of regular green tea every day.And this will surely make your health improves in just a span of time. This will affect your respiratory, digestive and some other parts of the body.


For some, drinking matcha green tea any time of the day is just fine but did you know that there’s a recommended time you can drink your healthy green tea? You don’t need to bother about it. But due to some research, we suggest following some tips we come up during this research.

We implied that you drink your cups of matcha tea during the morning or breakfast because it can be the best substitute for coffee. Or you can drink it during the afternoon, and it can be your afternoon tea to prevent some effect of caffeine on your sleeping habit during the night.


Some say that during the intake of matcha green tea they have experienced some unusual effect especially if you’re drinking it with an empty stomach. But of course, we want you to experience the best feeling of having a matcha green tea. So we suggest to better drink this good liquid after eating your food.


I am sure you’re asking the content of caffeine in this matcha powder. Well, it has only 32 mg of the amount of caffeine in every per serving. So it’s not harmful to your health. It’s helpful because it can boost some energy in your body especially if you’re drinking it in the morning.


Since matcha green tea has a lot to bring to the health and is known to be equivalent to 10 cups of regular green tea well it is best to state here the beneficial effect of this great drink to your health.

  • ANTIOXIDANTS -Matcha green tea has a nutrient that is wonderful to prevent the toxins and heavy chemicals that enters the body. It can all remove all the unnecessary things that may lead to the danger of health.
  • WITH CATECHINS CONTENT - This catechins content in the matcha tea is responsible enough to fight some severe illness like cancer and diabetes. It is 100% organic and natural that can help you going.
  • IT KEEPS YOU CALM AND RELAX - One of the best effect of matcha green tea in your health is that it makes you calm and relax while sipping it from your cup. The content has a natural force that can make your soul and body want it more. It is said that long ago this healthy drink has been used by many Buddhist and monks to help them meditate and focus during their sacrifices in the temple.
  • MEMORY ENHANCER - The L-theanine content can make your brain works well and can enhance your mood and gives total concentration if your drinking this tea regularly.
  • IT KEEPS YOU GOING- By drinking this matcha green tea, it can surely boost your energy and endure your activity the whole day. The fantastic power of caffeine in it can surely make you feel intensify and stimulates your entire body system.
  • LOWER THE CALORIES - Drinking your matcha green tea can surely lower the level of calories inside your body. This can also boost your metabolism and make your digestion process functions well.
  • ENHANCE IMMUNE SYSTEM- Matcha green tea serves as the best source of vitamins A & C, potassium, calcium and other beneficial nutrients that could improve your health condition.


We do not discourage you, but at least we give you the idea of why you should drink at least 5 cups or less because of its effect. We also recommend you to drink your matcha green tea during the morning and early afternoon because it can affect your sleeping habit during the night.

However, whatever the amount of matcha green tea your drinking every day,I am sure that each serving you take brings a lot to your health and can alleviate any health problem.