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June 14, 2018 5 min read

Tips and Secrets In Making Your Matcha Tea Powder

Matcha green tea is the most consider healthy drink among the different variety of green tea. Its deliciously refreshing taste can so amazingly make yourself better. Sometimes you need to be vigilant in buying the real ones because nowadays there is a lot of fake matcha green tea out in the market.

You cannot determine easily, but you have the hint in distinguishing it through the color, fragrance and of course the taste or flavor as you brew it.

You need to check the seller of your chosen matcha tea powder. There is a trusted supplier of this green tea which you will be sure that it has all the quality and it’s only the finest one too.

And here you have the right matcha powder, and you have it as genuine one so the next step you need to know is that how you can create your own matcha green tea drink that is very convenient and easy to prepare.

In the next context below I will go to give you some hints, tips, and the top secrets in making your best matcha drink without spending too much out from your pocket plus you will enjoy its deliciously sound effect in your body and at the comfort of your home.

It’s your discretion on how you are going to prepare your matcha tea drink whether you follow the classical ways of preparing just like from Japanese tradition or you can do it in your ways through researching asking from the experts.

It’s always up to you because the taste of this matcha drink will still be according to your need and personality.

Honestly, knowing and learning the step by step process of making your matcha tea just easy as long as you have interest, you have the right matcha powder or the authentic one, and the tools or equipment you used during the process are all critical points they need to be considered.

They said that drinking your cup of matcha can be from your favorite mug, from a ceramic bowl or just regular bowl or drinking it from a glass like a smoothie drink.

There are a lot of uses of matcha from food ingredients, pastries, desserts, lattes, smoothies and even some alcoholic drink has some matcha powder as the ingredient. Knowing that this green tea powder has all the functional benefits to the body well this can be so exciting and refreshing to the feeling.

In making your favorite matcha green tea powder, it can be added to any sweetener it’s up to your desire. You may use milk, honey, and sugar that can enhance more the taste and flavor. This can also make the drink more rich and yummy.

Here I will give some tips on how you can make your matcha green tea by following the traditional Japanese ways. Take a look below and enjoy brewing your matcha green tea powder.


This preparation of matcha green tea is only good for one serving and you may want to get more of the ingredients measurement as you wish to prepare it a lot more for big servings. You can always adjust its size. It’s up to your desire and need.

Preparation Time: It will only take 2-3 minutes

Cooking Time : 0 minutes

Total Time of the procedure:3 minutes



  1. One half to 1 teaspoon of organic matcha tea powder
  2. A cup of hot boiled water
  3. Prepare any sweetener like honey, milk, and sugar (it’s optional)
  4. Equipment/Tools:
  5. A bamboo whisk
  6. A bowl

Step by Step Process:

Put the bamboo whisk in the bowl and pour some hot boiled water on its tines to make it more flexible and bendable to make it more comfortable during the whisking process

Use at least one-half teaspoon of your quality matcha powder and put it in a sifter to make sure it has its subtle texture. It can also break up the clumps to make it smoother and creamier during the mixture.

You need to boil up to 8 ounces of distilled water. This is the measurement of matcha green tea in every 1 cup. The moment the water heat or boil, you can now add your matcha green tea powder in the bowl.

Vigorously mix the matcha tea using your bamboo whisk and by moving it up and down for about 40 seconds. And expect a frothy and foamy appearance as you do it consistently. If you see a  thick froth on the top of your matcha tea, then it’s time to enjoy and drink your matcha green tea.


Brewing your matcha green tea from the comfort of your house can be so relieving and fulfilling at the same time. It’s one way of giving yourself time while enjoying the preparation of your deliciously drink. This preparation has a significant effect on the mind, body, and soul because it will awake all your senses as you brew it.

You will appreciate the vibrant green color, warm feeling of steam, the fragrance that relaxes your mind, the sound of the bamboo whisk is like music to your ear plus you have the chance of tasting the best matcha green tea that has been using by many monks for many years.


It is said to be that matcha green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants. Due to many foods, drinks, and other pills that we intake from time to time, we don’t know the contents of all those things.

But matcha green tea will help eliminate all those toxins and heavy chemicals inside your body that can be harmful and dangerous to the health of many people.

So drinking just one cup of matcha green tea every day is equivalent to a total of 10 cups of those regular green tea From this you will surely know the significant effect of matcha in your body. It can also boost your memory by allowing your brain to function well and every nerve to regulate correctly.


Brewing your matcha green tea will not just give you a regular tasty drink, but it will undoubtedly provide the best benefit to your health. From your mind,  body, and soul it has all those exceptionally amazingly effect that can alleviate one's health. It should regularly be drinking to help you remove all the toxins in your body.

Plus preparing and making your green tea will save you a lot of money and will make your senses awake as you go through the process.