How To Make Matcha Powder From Green Tea Leaves?

The Best Matcha Tea Powder Making 2018

Have you thought of why matcha tea powder is so expensive? Have you been to different stores and check the price and quality of their match?Well, to answer those question is that Matcha green tea is said to be expensive because of the making or process before it comes up as matcha powder. If you find cheap matcha out there well you should doubt by now.

The nature of matcha tea powder is considered to be like those of wines. Most of the green tea is picked, and harvest with the help of a machine and no other process will follow. What makes this matcha tea powder different?

Alright, from the beginning of its farm up to the harvesting and grinding those s\times are considered as very delicate moment because each expert and masters are ensuring the nutritional worth of matcha tea powder. So basically, it’s not a natural process for matcha.

It is said that the process of making matcha tea powder is most likely those of wines. For you to get the best quality of matcha powder, you need to make sure you have the best tea leaves too.

You need to blend and ground properly. It is also said that only experts and tea masters are only legitimate to pick the tea leaves that need to be used. So from the beginning, it is costly when buying matcha tea powder.


One of the reasons why is matcha so expensive is that of its procedure to come up with this real tea. It has a lot of process to some experts but you can have it at the comfort of your home but here I will going to discuss five steps on how your favorite match green tea come on its way.

THE FARMING PROCESS- At first they consider the month of April to be the best season to grow the tea plant called camellia sinensis.After determining the necessary preparations, farmers and experts believe the whole place was making it properly shade for about 20 days by using screens and straws.

This will help to protect the plants away from the sunlight and can produce a lot more of chlorophyll to the leaves. It results in the high content of L-theanine, amino acids and makes the tea plant more productive and full in teas.


This is usually done during the first day of springtime because of the belief that it is considered the first beginning of the year and it's best for harvesting those teas.Though it is said that it varies from year to year and from a different time to time but the point is it is carefully handed and picked but the artisans only.

Experts believed that the first picking has the best taste and flavor because of its freshness and richness.


More to these Japanese teas are usually steamed after harvesting. It usually lasts up to 20 seconds only, and it should be done immediately from the time it has picked up. The reason for steaming is to perform the oxidation process that can make the leaves more natural and nutritional effect.


The process of the tea leaves if adequately blown up an air chamber and can make it fresh. They usually put in a surface and allow the air to dry with it. But before this process, it has a machine where they put the plant on it, and it helps to separate the other parts of the plant from its stems,veins, and barks and leave only the leaf of the plant making it proceed the process.


The last but not the least of the process in the grinding of leaves making it beautiful and smooth powder. They said that 800 years ago the process of making the tea powder is through manual grinding using the stone.

But because of the advancement and innovative approach of the technology nowadays, it uses automatic equipment where it consistently grinds resulting to its most excellent matcha powder making sure that the customer and client only get the best matcha tea powder.


In fact, storing your matcha in the freezer is advisable though it’s not opened yet when it’s opened it’s a necessary way that you need to store in the fridge. It is to make the quality of your matcha stay longer and delicious.

Or there are other ways like keeping it in a dry, airtight container and away from any light or it should be put in a darker place. Some tin storage is designed and style to surely keep matcha powder fresh.

Some tips arrive that to that regular drinker of matcha it is advisable to store your matcha just like your favorite coffee. It is best in the freezer. It is said to be that matcha powder once opened it should last for about a year only, but it is also good to consume the powder for three months.


After learning about all the health benefits, you can get from drinking matcha. There are others that will inspire you to keep your matcha a long time. This will encourage you to continue drinking matcha because it makes your life better in many ways.

I have listed some of those reasons that will surely make you happy and satisfy as drink your matcha tea drink.


One of the best kind of green tea and best traditional kind of delicious green tea for many years. It is also special green tea because this is usually used during tea ceremony which is known to Japan.


It gives you great effect to your health like it will alleviate the body’s condition and will help you to maintain each of the body parts function.

CAFFEINE CONTENT. Matcha green tea powder has a little amount of caffeine and that it is said to be a good substitute for coffee and will help you going through the day.


In preparing the matcha drink that will surely give you perfect time for yourself to meditate and enjoy the art of making the matcha tea while using the whisk plus the zigzag motion while combining all the ingredients will let you give peace in some part of your mind and soul.