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July 03, 2018 5 min read

Making Your Matcha Tea Without Using Bamboo Whisk

Have you thought of making your matcha green tea without using any whisk?It’s actually a lot easier when brewing your matcha without any whisk especially if you don’t have the available tools with you.You can still get the smoothness and frothiness you always desired for your matcha green tea.

We always wanted the best matcha for our cup of tea and that will achieve if you have the best step by step process.Most of the people are drinking their perfect matcha green tea because of the wonders of their tools used.Traditionally in Japan the most important thing to consider in making their best green tea matcha are the equipment.

Specially if during their tea ceremony and other special events that involves drinking tea.You can actually have those tools and buy it in the market or in online stores.A lot of ships nowadays are selling those specialized tools for matcha making.

But in some way if you don’t have those tools mentioned,it does not mean you can’t make your own matcha with you or you cannot drink the matcha tea you always wanted.So in this context we will give you ideas on how you can still drink your best delicious matcha tea by brewing without using any bamboo whisk.


  • You just need to put the matcha powder together with the hot water in a sealed thermos and you just need to shake it well or as hard as you can.Then binggo! You’re good to go with the great and perfect cup of matcha tea.This is best preparation when you’re on a hurry or on a travel or if you’re even just in the house or office.You can always buy that perfect mug for you and make sure it is tightly closed best for shaking your matcha tea.
  • Get your tea bowl and a regular spoon.Simply pour at least ¼ of matcha powder into the bowl and pour also the hot water into it.By just using your regular spoon,be sure to mix it properly without any lumps remain.You can always make matcha tea drink as cold or hot.It depends according to your taste.
  • Another way of making your matcha green tea without using the fancy bamboo whisk is by using the available material in the kitchen.First in the list is a wide mug, second is a spoon and a steel wire whisk.Simply put the matcha tea powder in a wide mug plus the hot water at start mixing the tea powder thoroughly by using the wire whisk in a zigzag or up and down motion.make sure there no lumps remain and after that you’re good to go with you matcha tea drink.
  • You can also use a blender and a milk frother that will give you the best and matcha drink in your cup.It creates a fine and smooth bubble too for your matcha green tea.

Making your matcha green tea should not be expensive and it should not be overpriced since you already spend that much in your quality matcha powder so why not make use all the available equipments in your house or anything that can help you mix the matcha and hot water together.


There are a lot of available matcha recipe out there that you can enjoy anytime.You just need to have the best quality kind of matcha.Matcha green tea powder can be best and good to be considered as ingredient to many food and drinks.So,here’s one sample on recipe you can have.



  • Matcha Powder
  • Distilled Water
  • Enhancer or any sweeteners like milk,sugar and honey
  • Iced cubes


  • Bamboo whisk
  • Tea bowl
  • Sealed mug
  • Measuring Spoon

Step by step process:

  • Filled the cup with ice cubes
  • Use a sifter to sift the matcha powder
  • You can now add the distilled water in the cup
  • Shake it hard using the mug which is tightly sealed
  • Pour the shake matcha tea drink in a wide glass or pitcher
  • You can put some milk if you have frother
  • After the process you can add any sweeteners like vanilla and honey to have the best taste too.


Matcha Green Tea Smoothie


  • ½ cup of matcha powder
  • 2 oz of not boiled hot water
  • Artificial sweetener
  • Milk
  • Iced cubes


  • Add ½ tsp of matcha powder together with hot water in just small amount to a bowl.
  • You can add sweetener to adjust the taste
  • Stir it with milk for about 4 oz.
  • Add some ice cubes to a blender and blend until it smooth
  • Enjoy every sip!

Matcha Green Tea Cold Drinks


  • Matcha powder
  • Distilled water
  • Milk
  • Iced cubes


  • Add the ice cubes in a glass
  • Put at least ½ cup of matcha powder
  • Pour ½ cup of water
  • Stir properly the mixtures
  • Put the froth milk
  • You can add some flavors to adjust the taste


Matcha green tea is always known to be an expensive type of green tea.THis is because of the process from the time of farming,harvesting up to the manufacturing of the tea leaf.

The process of matcha tea is always associated as hard and very delicate because it needs to be ensure that you always have the nutritional value of those matcha tea.

Yes!those making and process of matcha tea powder is traditionally followed up until now.So if you have the right and quality kind of tea you can now make your own delicious and healthy matcha tea drink.Most of the people and traditionally happen especially in Japan,they used all these fancy equipment from tea bowls to bamboo whisk.

They considered those tools as very important in making the best matcha green tea especially in so many tea ceremony.You can actually buy those tools out there,you can find them in the supermarket,tea shops or even online store.And upon buying those tools make sure to check those customer reviews you gathered before deciding.

But if you don’t have those things it does not mean you cannot make your own matcha tea drink.I have mentioned above some ways in making or brewing your matcha green tea without using the standard bamboo whisk.

You will still get your desired taste and flavorful matcha green tea even without the help of whisk.What matter most is that you have the best quality of matcha tea powder ready to be sip in your cup.