Matcha Green Tea Hates Stainless Steel

Matcha Green Tea Hates Stainless Steel

Have you thought of using stainless steel in your matcha green tea? Well, it is not a good idea either.

Matcha green tea has a content called polyphenol just like with catechins. And these nutritional contents is undoubtedly beneficial to one’s health. This can be good as antioxidants, anti-cancer and will alleviate the function of your brain.

It is also useful in the proper regulation of the blood sugar to different parts of the body. And of course, it helps your fats in the trunk easily eliminate and burn.

Matcha green tea is known to be one of the best great green tea and a good agent for weight loss, any health condition and of course it can help your beauty and body enhance more. But did you know that drinking your matcha green tea using any stainless steel cup will eliminate any pharmacological process?

This is because of the reason that the metal present in stainless steel will react to the catechins content in matcha green tea. If you want any proof, then try making your matcha green tea in a stainless cup, then see for yourself!

The result in making your matcha green tea in stainless steel cup will surely make the color turn into black, and it’s not right in your appetite, and some of those metallic content in the stainless steel will add it up to your matcha green tea. Which lead to health issues in the future.

When you still want to drink the matcha green tea in stainless steel, you’re consuming useless nutrients plus as I said it could lead to various disorders because of the metallic content on the stainless steel.

If you want a good result of your matcha green tea while making it, be reminded that to achieve the best result of your green tea, do not use any stainless steel while on the process.

And if you’re a kind of person who is on travel always, the best thing you can do is bring with you, your mug and of course your matcha tea powder and anywhere you can make your healthy drink wherever you go.


Matcha is a precious kind of green tea powder. For the unopened matcha green tea, make sure it is far from any direct heat and light. Since the time it is processed and ground the lifespan of its tea powder has its limitation. However, if it is open be reminded that it should be consumed as soon as possible for you to take advantage of the freshness, flavor, color and its taste.

The best thing you can do while still consuming it is that you need to store it in the refrigerator and enjoy it daily until it’s all consumed. The best time to drink your matcha green tea was when it resulted in a green, vibrant green tea and not steal matcha.

In some cases if it is already open or not, you can always keep your matcha green tea powder is your fridge and place it in an airtight container with no contact of light and heat. This is to make sure you still have the best quality of matcha tea powder base on its color, flavor, and taste.


For all the information and study shows about matcha, this will surely make you excited while drinking it. It has a lot of good that brings to your health. This can be your lifesaver for any health condition that you have right now.

A lot of people has been consuming this green tea because it has all the nutritional benefits you can get from a drink. It is right in the proper regulation of the blood plus it is said to be useful in eliminating all the toxic present in the body.

Knowing that matcha green tea is useful as antioxidants, it helps your body to free from those radicals that you acquired from eating food, sodas, pollution that surrounds you and other factors that can cause toxic in your body. It is known to be good at fighting all the damages in your body caused by those factors.

By drinking this matcha green tea, it helps your entire immune system improves in its function and regulation. Also, matcha green tea has a lot of EGCG which known be a good fighter for a severe illness like cancer. It helps kill the cancer cells develop inside your body.

Matcha green tea is an excellent source of energy. It helps you to boost your power a bit especially when you drink it during breakfast and will help you go through all your activities for the whole day.

The L-theanine content on matcha has its role to make your mood better, gives excellent memory and help you focus from day to day. It is known that the caffeine content in matcha is more than to those of coffee and other energy drink. Its molecular bonds inside it will slowly give you stamina as you go on your daily activities.


In general, by just drinking matcha you it may help your health improve and help your body system function well. Just make sure that in drinking matcha or in making your matcha green tea it should not be in stainless steel because it can affect the nutritional benefits and of course the color and taste.

Matcha tea powder is best stored in a place away from heat and light to make sure and preserve the quality is still there.

However, it should be consumed as soon as possible for you to take advantage the best out of it. It is also a good source as an antioxidant, a good source of energy and best for enhancing your focus and memory daily.