Preparing Matcha Tea Without Using A Bamboo Whisk

Matcha green tea is best to drink if it’s appropriately mix using a bamboo whisk. And it's the traditional way of preparing that kind of matcha tea. For a long time of making matcha green tea, it is trendy especially for Japanese people to used bamboo whisk during the mixing of matcha green tea.

This is because the spikes of the bamboo make the powder fine and smooth with the hot water on it.

But have you ever wonder preparing your matcha tea without using the whisk?

Because of the tools innovation and some invention because of the advanced world. The making of matcha green tea can be possible without using the bamboo whisk. It’s easy, and it’s not complicated with regards to equipment.It's just a matter of using the tool and the quality kind of matcha powder then there you go. You got it right!

By doing it like you need to pour the powder and the hot water together in the thermos and seal and shake it well. Then you can now be mixed the ingredients and used your favorite cup or mug and enjoy every sip from the bowl.

There is a lot of stores sells beautiful cups and another insulated thermos that is appropriately closed. It is also a no-no to use of a shaker because it is very prone to automatically pop-up.

To that tea drinker that loves to drink an iced matcha drink, well using a shaker is very important. You may want to consider the following recipe of iced matcha that will surely love and leave it in your taste buds. This recipe is very frothy, creamy and sweet that satisfy your cravings, especially during summer time season.

  • Matcha tea powder - 1 ½ tsp.
  • Hot Water - ¼ cup
  • Honey or any sweeteners - 1 teaspoon
  • Coconut Milk - ½ cup only
  • Ice


Use any kettle and add the water and let it boil and let it stop after thatScoop your matcha tea powder according to the ingredients mentioned above in your favorite cup Then pour the hot water together with the honey. Make sure to dissolve it correctly so that the taste will just right.Closed the cup properly and shook it well for about thirty(30) seconds.

You can now mix the coconut milk and stir it again to the desired time.After shaking the ingredients together put some ice cubes on the cup and shake it again to make it chill for 30 seconds.After all the shaking! You can now drink directly from cup or mug or can transfer it to a different glass. It’s always up to you


Here we will go to discuss how the exact match is processed,what are the precise appearance of your event,what are the process during the growth and identifying the real matcha too.

  • It comes from a plant called Camellia sinensis
  • It is appropriately shaded during the growth
  • It is typically a gyokuro kind of tea leaves
  • During the harvest time. Picking it in bare hands as usual.So the process is carefully done.
  • The leaves are just dried through the air, and its process is called “TENCHA.”

Stems and other parts of this plant are removed and make the leaves remain ready for matcha tea powder process

Matcha tea powder has two purposes, one is for a ceremonial event and second is for culinary purpose. That match for formal is only drunk alone, but for culinary it’s all used for ingredients in some delicacies.

To pack up all the idea of matcha tea powder is that the whole leaf or leaves are powdered and when brewing you dink everything from that leaves and that mak8ing sure you get all the nutritional benefits you can have from that tea leaves.


REDUCE THE RISK OF CANCER. This contains an excellent antioxidant that is known to be CATECHINS. It helps to eliminate all the chemicals and toxins inside the body that is very harmful and may lead to serious illness. A study shows that a matcha green tea contains about 137 times of antioxidants compare to those regular green teas.

ANTI AGING. Okinawa Japan is a place where you can find people who live longer in their lives. This is primarily because they drink matcha green tea regularly.It is part of their daily routine and drinks.

That’s why matcha green tea become so popular nowadays because it is beneficial to the health condition of anyone drinking it. It gives ease and fight to an inflammatory illness,aging, and oxidation.

LOWERS THE CHOLESTEROL LEVEL. Matcha green tea helps to lower the cholesterol level. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition featured the effectiveness of matcha green tea to the health of the body.It's extracts a serum that will lower down the cholesterol.

REDUCE WEIGHT IN THE BODY. While regularly consuming this matcha green tea, its ability to burn fats continuously increases, and you will surely achieve your desired weight. It is also best to drink after doing your daily work out and is 25% of fats will burn. This matcha green tea powder also makes your metabolism process faster.

IT DETOXIFIES. Because of its rich chlorophyll content, the tea leaves can surely detoxify your body. This can surely remove all the chemicals, heavy metals and other toxins that may be harmful to the function of the body system.

MEMORY ENHANCER. The L-theanine content in matcha green tea is responsible to the brain activity and is the ultimate source of making the brain function well. One of the reasons that make the brain agitate is because of the stress.

But because of drinking this great matcha green tea it promotes calmness, relaxation and causes the blood pressure function well. Though it is genuinely matcha green tea contains caffeine, but still, it balances the effect on the body.

RICH IN FIBER. It is known that matcha to is rich in fiber. This will help you in easing constipated stomach and is best for that diabetic person because it stabilizes the sugar level in the blood.

ENERGY BOOSTER. Matcha green tea can be a good substitute for coffee. If you’re drinking it in the afternoon,  it will surely boost and awake your senses all throughout a day.No headache and other side effects after drinking the tea.