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How big does matcha bowl is? The Japanese tea ceremony praises flaws and assortment. There are no two things are the same. Each antiquity used for the service is seen and acknowledged. And matcha bowls mirror the beliefs of the tea function in their form, surface, and assortment. Often connected with time, and kind of tea, matcha bowls are an essential part of the Japanese tea ceremony. Try not to fill the whole pan with tea, but instead leave the majority of the inside to be appreciated while drinking. Observe how the humid tea bowl feels in your grasp. Are...

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How do I clean my Matcha whisk? Learn how you can clean your matcha whisk We all know that matcha bamboo whisk is part of making matcha green tea; however, do you know what the purpose of this bamboo whisk is? Except for whisking your matcha tea? This bamboo matcha whisk is a primary instrument for preparing matcha tea. It makes a frothy, velvety surface – an essential part of a delicious matcha tea or latte. The little prongs will enable you to create a beautiful light drink and reduce the measure of matcha that is staying at the base...

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Knows the used of a matcha bowl If you are matcha drinker, you probably know how to hold matcha bowl and take it to your lips to taste a little bit of matcha green tea, which is a great pleasure. Usually, the matcha bowl is huge, and the part of tea is small, which takes after the custom of how one is served and drink Matcha in Japan. This matcha bowl is well-made tea bowls that became a most treasured object that everyone wishes to have. The beautiful looks of a Matcha bowl lie upon of its hues, design, and...

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