The Right Way To Prepare Your Matcha Green Tea

When we say matcha tea, it is something beautiful and tasty. This kind of green tea is well known not just all over Japan but also with other parts of the world. Making your best matcha green tea can sometimes describe as complex, it is from the time you mixed it with the hot water compared to regular tea bags that you need only to dip with it.

You’re aiming to get the frothy result after combining all the ingredients needed, and that’s precisely the time you can do your trick with it like adding some whip cream or other sweeteners that can enhance its taste.

Honestly, preparing the best matcha green tea can sometimes describe as delicate. There are a lot of methods and procedures out there, but the point is you need to practice and develop the skills in brewing your matcha for you to be able to get your desired outcome.

The suggested material to used in whisking your best match is the traditional Japanese bamboo whisk which has beautiful lines.But because of the innovation in some tools and equipment, some experts recommend using a blender that can also be helpful in grinding your tea leaves to turn into matcha.

Some tea drinkers especially the first-timers tend to taste the bitterness of this grassy kind of tea. So the context below is advice or one way of deceiving the taste to make it sweet and a lot tastier.

We included some matcha latte recipe to make your matcha green tea a little bit of bold taste and flavor that will surely love every tea drinker. Have a look and try the following procedures using your most excellent matcha tea powder at home.


This is the longtime method that has been used by many Japanese people and the people who initially found this healthy drink. Monks and Buddhist have used this method in preparing during their tea ceremony a long time ago.

The good thing about this traditional tools and equipment is that you can still buy it in the store or even at some tea shop. It is said that IPPODO TEA CO. has two branches that are mainly located in Japan and New York. There you can check some of the essential things you need in creating this traditional way of making your matcha green tea.

Equipment Needed:

  1. A vessel made from bamboo
  2. A whisk made from bamboo
  3. A strainer
  4. A bowl made from ceramic

Method and Procedures:

  • Sift at least one teaspoon of matcha tea powder using the filter into the prepared pan
  • You need to use the bamboo spoon to press the powder correctly into the sifter making sure that there are no lumps remain
  • You can now add hot water into the bowl with the sifted powder. Gently whisk the matcha green tea mixture in a back and forth motion until you can see a frothy appearance on the top of the matcha green tea
  • Once you have the vibrant green color, you can stop mixing.
  • Drink and enjoy!


Americans usually don’t have the availability of bottom flat style bowl for mixing their matcha powder, but they used the deep bowl design. Americans also are known to a great fan of different kinds of tea. They have this vision of drinking healthy drinks instead of taking those sugary sodas.

At first, you need to undergo the bowl in a microwave before using so that the hotness of the dish is consistent.

Equipment Needed:

You need to use whisk or blender

Method and Procedures:

  • Add at least one teaspoon of tea powder in the bowl
  • And also at least two ounces of hot water to the tea powder in the bowl
  • You can start whisking the tea powder by holding the pan properly, or you can use a blender to mix it for two minutes
  • You can always go on through whisking until you see a foamy appearance
  • Please be reminded that using this American method will not create a thick foam just like with the traditional.


A lot of tea drinker prefers to drink their matcha as sweet and creamy especially to those first-timers.This can be the best way of preparing your match with a deliciously healthy drink. This kind of matcha drink mostly preferred by many sweet drinkers too. Instead of drinking those sugary sodas they choose this latte drink.

Equipment Needed:

  • Bamboo whisk
  • Blender
  • Bowl

Method and Procedures:

  • First, you need to blend the matcha tea powder
  • After building the dust, you can now add at least one tbsp. Of syrup mainly brown rice or any other sweetener that will fit your taste. We strongly recommend brown rice because of its sweetness that will surely compliment to the feeling of your matcha tea powder.
  • Whisk it properly until it melts.
  • Then add about six ounces of milk in the bowl and then mix it thoroughly until you achieve the frothy appearance.
  • You can now pour the latte in a glass then you can put some foam of milk using your frother then garnish it on the top with a bit of powder of matcha.


There are a lot of recipes for matcha tea powder that you will surely enjoy if it is adequately prepared and using the right equipment. You need to be industrious enough to research the ingredients and methods and procedures of the recipe.

I will list the top five matcha drinks you can have in the comfort of your home. And I am sure you will want it over and over again. This kind of glasses is also best and a good fit for your daily diet.

Aside from drinking this delicious matcha drink, you can also enjoy the health benefits that it brings to your health

  1. Matcha Green Tea Latte
  2. Matcha Green Tea Smoothies
  3. Cold Matcha Green Tea
  4. Matcha Protein Balls
  5. Matcha Mojito


The above context is three methods in making your best matcha green tea. You need to have the right equipment and tools to achieve these desired procedures.

You can try to explore some matcha drinks mentioned above. You can research and ask some experts to get the exact ingredients for these.  Hope that this article can help you make and create your at home with no hustle.