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What is a tea bowl?

June 27, 2018 4 min read

What is a tea bowl?

Do you love teas? Don’t you know that there is a unique tea bowl for your drink? In this article, we will be going to understand and gain some few things about how those tea bowls have been made and how those things have been used primarily to many Japanese people and later adapted by anyone who is a tea lover.

A little history about Tea Ceremony...

No other drinks can compare the refreshing and very satisfying effect of tea on our body.

We all know that teas are included in some ceremony and events primarily in Japan.And during those case, Japanese people are always using the right equipment and tools to come up with a good cup of tea. It involves in their rituals, and it can’t be complete without those things.

The essential tool in tea ceremony is the tea bowl or know of them as Chawan. It is a small size of the vessel with no handle and used it to sip directly into your mouth. We need to appreciate the value of this tea bowl during this ceremony because this is part of this tradition and history.

The tea ceremony is popularly known as CHANOYU; it is the process and training of matcha tea drinking which is a kind of green tea. Included pinning the tools to be used during this time are tea bowl, spoon and a bamboo whisk to help you in mixing the powdered tea to dissolve properly in hot water. So there are a lot of procedures before drinking that exceptional tea.


It is known that the very first tea bowl used during the time of tea ceremony in Japan came from Chinese tradition which is made from ceramics. And later as the time goes by some of the tea experts ceremonies has used the Korean and Japanese ceramic. It is common that it is made from clay and has many designs and styles that could be so enticing to the eyes of those tea drinkers. It also has art on it that is mainly used for tea ceremony.

As time goes by it’s been known to be an essential part of drinking tea. A lot of artists out there has been making their appearances and methods of creating this ceramic tea bowls.

They usually used Raku because the technique is really handcrafted and molded personally by bare hany include fire in the process to create a glaze ware combining sand clay to result in a best rustic bowl. There are a lot of shapes and design for tea bowls.

Because of the many interested artists nowadays they come up to high style to tea bowls. It has different version where you will appreciate its value according to their method. The following are some of the best tea bowls used since the beginning.

  • WA-NARI - A circle shape tea bowl
  • WA-NARI  - A wooden shape tea bowl
  • GOKIGATA - A goki tea bowl type
  • HAN-TSUTSU GATA - A half cylinder shape tea bowl
  • TSU-TSU GATA - A cylinder shape tea bowl
  • GOKEZOKO - GATA - A stone box shape tea bowl
  • DOJIMARI GATA - A waist shape tea bowl
  • BAJYOHAI - It is known as a rider’s tea bowl
  • SUGI NARI - A cedar shape tea bowl
  • IDO-GATA - A good shape tea bowl
  • TENMOKU GATA - A tenmoku tea bowl


We already discussed a little history of those tea bowls, how it started and how is that tea bowl so crucial to many tea ceremonies.Tea bowls are the essential tool in the making of a good tea from your cup.

It comes from different design and style which created by dedicated artist and usually handcrafted by their creative hands. The compositions and method vary from different places.

You may want to buy your first tea bowl in the market of you can buy them online without any hustle of going on travel.You need to relax and sit at the comfort of your house and wait for your tea bowl to be delivered at your doorsteps.

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In general, the context above has mentioned the history and how tea bowls are essential to many tea ceremonies.It is considered at the great tool in making the best tea from your cup.

The best artist handcrafts different types of tea bowls or chawan in the world. Most of them are Korean and Japanese ceramics which has known be initially originated from those places itself.

I also mentioned above on how you can buy your best chawan online where you don't need to go out and buy that thing for yourself. You need to check the types, quality and customer reviews in that particular site.