What Is Behind Matcha Green Tea Powder?

Have you ever wonder what a matcha green tea powder is? Have you thought of buying this kind of tea? Have you ever wonder what are the benefits and the effects of drinking matcha tea every day?Did you expect that drinking matcha green tea can make your life better?

Today, I will go to discuss here what is a matcha tea. The place it originated and the benefits you get from taking this often. Green teas are very popular among many people, especially if you’re a tea drinker this kind of drinks will make you feel calm and relax.

And because of the passing time, there’s this kind of green tea that is more than a green tea can do. This is called matcha. This is known to be the healthiest kind of variety of tea. This is considered by many as superfoods because it does a lot to your body.

This can be so helpful in your respiratory and digestive parts of the body and even can help to reduce the risk of some serious illness like cancer and diabetes. If you’re so bored and lousy before starting your day, well this is the best drink you can have and can help you go through the whole day. Because of this excellent drinks, there are a lot of ways and procedures on how you can prepare this healthy tea drink.


The tea plants that used to make matcha powder are called Camellia sinensis; it is a kind of plants with green and small leaves that are best to produce as tea. Growing the matcha green tea is not similar compared to those regular green tea.

As time goes by the Japanese people has found out that making a good quality of matcha green tea powder, it should be shaded for about 30 days that is away from the sun to produce more a lot of chlorophyll making the leaves more vibrant and contains a large number of catechins before harvesting it correctly.

During the harvesting process, the stems, roots, and barks of this camellia sinensis plant are removed and only left the plant leaves making it more bright in color and after the grinding process. The highlight of the preparation of this matcha tea powder is actually you’re working, and in taking the entire leaf, so you’re getting all the nutrients and elements that are so beneficial to the health.


The answer to the question above is yes. This is because a cup of matcha green tea powder has at least 35 mg of caffeine that is a lot more compared to just a regular tea. This is not harmful, but at least it will give you extra energy the whole day.


The preparation of this matcha green tea is making it exceptional. It has a lot of ways where you can read it from the internet, or you can research and ask it from the experts.

Regular green tea can be prepared by the usual infusing of the tea bags in a cup and steeping it for how many minutes or the required time to get the desired taste. But with regards to matcha preparation, it’s fantastic and enjoying because the sound of the spine of bamboo whisk will likely be music while whisking.

Aside from the advancement of technology nowadays the preparation of matcha green tea powder has still the same as the traditional way. It is known to be that the most exceptional matcha comes from Kyoto, Japan and some form Nishio, Japan. The traditional way is using a scoop made from bamboo, hot water, a bowl and a Japanese bamboo whisk.

  • Add the tea powder in a bowl
  • Pour the hot water into the pan with the tea powder
  • Slowly whisk together the ingredients until you come up with a frothy appearance.


  • REGULAR: Used one scoop of the matcha tea powder with at least 2 ounces of hot water
  • SUCHA: Used 1/3 scoop of the matcha tea powder with at least 3 ounces of hot water
  • KOICHI: Used 2 tsp. of the matcha tea powder with at least 1 ounce of hot water. This is the kind of mixture used during the tea ceremony.


If you keep on hearing about this excellent matcha tea powder and the unique benefits it brings to the consumers you may be curious about what else can do with this matcha tea powder. The following points will explain the uniqueness and the secret behind this kind of green tea. Please see below.

  • GREEN TEA BY NATURE - Matcha green tea is initially a kind of green tea that comes from a plant called Camellia sinensis. This plant has fantastic content of catechins that is also helpful to many aspects of the health of a person.
  • IT DOES BENEFICIAL EFFECT TO THE HEALTH - Because of the process of this tea from its growth up to the harvesting and drying process, it creates a beautiful element content that could alleviate one’s health. It acts as antioxidants to the body helping it to eliminate all the dangerous materials in it.
  • CAFFEINATED TEA - They said that by drinking this matcha green tea you’re drinking the entire leaf thus it is concluded that this is more powerful ten times with a regular green tea. So expect that it has all the caffeine on it.
  • IT MAKES YOU MEDITATE DURING THE BREWING OF MATCHA TEA - During the brewing process, it gives excellent effect not just on the body but to the mind and soul of a person. The gentle whisking using the bamboo whisk plus the back and forth rotational motion could lead and give you peace and calm deep in your heart.
SERVE AS INGREDIENTS IN MANY MEALS- Using matcha tea powder is not only consider as regular tea. If you’re an explorer to food and drinks well, matcha powder can be your nest ingredient in your recipe. A lot of people nowadays has been using matcha tea powder in some desserts, cakes, lattes, smoothies and even some alcoholic drink which the tea powder is associated. It works and compliments well to everyone's taste buds.