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July 10, 2018 4 min read

Matcha Green Tea Side Effects

Powdered green tea comes from a known tea plant Camellia sinensis. It is also the kind of tea plant used in oolong, black and white tea. Matcha has been used in many tea ceremonies especially in Japan because of their tradition, and until now it is highly known and recommended to those events.

Green tea is made from whole leaves but with matcha the entire sheet is ground producing to its beautiful and smooth powder. With green tea, you need to steep and wait to infused, but with matcha, you need a teaspoon of its powder then dissolve in hot water according to its required temperature of 175-degree Celsius then you’re good to go. In matcha, you are drinking the entire tea leaf which has a significant effect on the body.

Growing of matcha is not that easy, it requires extra care from the time of farming, harvesting, and grounding of the leaves. In matcha tea powder making you don’t need the other parts of the plants, you only need mainly the tea plant, and that makes it more vibrant in color.

Why drink matcha?

Why do you need to drink matcha green tea? To answer this question, it is because of the reason that matcha has all the nutritional benefits which your body can take advantage.

It is said that it contains antioxidants and can alleviate the condition of your body. It makes you feel better; it helps the proper regulation of the blood to your entire body, it helps lower your cholesterol level and can also consider as agent for weight loss.

A lot of people are now drinking matcha green tea because it is there substitute instead of drinking their coffee every day.

What are the benefits of matcha?

A study shows that matcha green tea has a fantastic effect on one’s health if consumed regularly. It is an excellent source of metabolism, and by drinking it daily, it will help you burn your excess fats in the body. Matcha has a high content of EGCG that helps your body fight against any severe illness.


It is proven that consumption of this health matcha green tea can help reduce and fight back cancer including the following:


The catechins content in matcha green tea is so amazing that can prevent to form the cancer cells inside the body system. The natural ingredients of matcha green tea are excellent potential in healing that serious illness in the body.


We consider matcha green tea as one of the best natural reducing agents of weight because it helps to make your metabolism work faster. A study shows that people who drink a bottle of green tea can contain about 690 mg.of catechins compound for 12 weeks time and that resulted in making their body index reduced significantly.

It cuts all the fats in the body and making their body mass index to its average level according to their age, gender, and height.

Researchers concluded that in 12 weeks of drinking your matcha green tea could lead to reducing the obesity


Another study says that by drinking your matcha green tea regularly will make your body perform well and boost up energy from time to time. It can help you heal some stress aspects in yourself. The elements found in matcha green tea can help repair damaged tissues in the body caused by the high-stress level which can be so harmful if not treated immediately.


Drinking this matcha green tea can make you feel and at the same calm in feeling. The L-theanine that comes in a camellia sinensis plant that mainly promotes and improves the waves in your brain.


By drinking matcha green tea, it can help to reduce the cholesterol level in your body, and in such ways, it helps to function the blood system properly. A study shows that about 285 people who drink a lot amount of green tea could lower the risk of heart attack. That may cause the death to many people nowadays.


Because of the daily intake of different food, pills and drinks we don't know are it cause harm to our body especially the ingredients content on it. So by drinking this kind of green tea, it will prevent the harmful effect into the different system that helps us going throughout every day.

Is there a side effect in drinking matcha?

Though matcha is considered a healthy drink, it is essential to find your daily intake. We all know that matcha has a caffeine content then this may trigger some side effects in your body.

That includes insomnia, headaches, diarrhea and some may result in heartburn. Since matcha is a kind of green tea, it is known that those green tea may result in stomach problem, so it is also a warning while drinking your matcha green tea.

Matcha green tea should be consumed not more than 5 cups of it. And that those children and pregnant women should avoid this tea drink. And still, it is best to get opinions from your physician before drinking matcha.

The following are some of the most known side effects of drinking matcha. Though this tea drink is healthy, it is always best to remind yourself not to go beyond the usual cup every day to avoid health problems later.

  • Diarrhea
  • Insomnia
  • Bowel movement issue
  • Sometimes allergy

It is suggested to consult your dietitian and physician before consuming it especially when you have any health condition to make sure that the case may not get worse. It is said that if you're a pregnant woman and still on breastfeeding it is not safe to drink matcha green tea.