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June 28, 2018 4 min read

The Best Matcha Tea  In 2018

Matcha tea is one of the best and great kinds of green tea. It is fashionable and known to be a healthy delicious drink you can have at any time. It is best as a substitute for coffee because it has a bit of caffeine that is not harmful instead it gives you a bit of energy to keep you going every day.

Matcha tea is not just a green tea but considered the healthiest kind of green tea. It has full packed with all the significant benefits just for your health.

But due to its popularity and demand too many consumers. A lot in the market are selling and tend to fake matcha teas. So when buying match powder, you need to be vigilant enough to check the quality and its aroma or fragrance.

Matcha tea powder is expensive, and if you’re buying a cheap one, then you should doubt its quality. According to study matcha can be very helpful in the health of a person. It brings a lot of goodness to one’s health. It includes cancer and other digestive issues in your body.

By just drinking one cup of matcha it is said to be equivalent to 10 cups of regular green tea, so that’s amazing that this tea drink has all the beneficial effect on your body system. If you’re in a workout, well this can be your best drink buddy because it helps in maintaining your weight and will lose and burn fats too.

The following context will give you some information on what are the best matcha tea you can buy out there. It is available online or in the supermarket. You can check it for yourself to know more about those matcha powder. Please read below.

ENCHA MATCHA -This kind of matcha tea powder is known because it is organic and no other additives included. And during the process of this matcha tea powder and even during its farming, it is understood that they don’t use any pesticides and other fertilizers that can be harmful to human body.

Because you’re drinking the whole tea leaf, so it is important knowing that ENCHA MATCHA is not using any of those chemicals. It is also a non-GMO product and its access to used during the tea ceremony.

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It is packaged adequately with a zip pouch

GRACE MATCHA - This is also considered as an authentic matcha tea powder you can buy in the market and even in online. They only want the best for their customers and consumers, so they only have the best quality kind of matcha tea powder. They are purposely hand-picked the best selection of matcha powder. The bitterness is just right, and its good dates are excellent also in the tea ceremony and other events.

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MIDORI MATCHA - This matcha tea powder can be your life-saving drinkbeacsue of its excellent taste and flavor that is also beneficial to the health. It has the natural sweetness that will leave your palate and allow you to want it more over and over again. This can be good to prepare as for hot or cold drinks. Depending on your mood.

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PURE MATCHA - This product is more on quality and does not focus on quantity. So you’re very sure you only have the best matcha tea powder in your cup. It has very vibrant green color and its aroma is so captivating that will let you want it. They only used the premium tea leaf during the process and will make your family,friends, and colleagues love about this tea.

It is packaged adequately with a tin can
They also ship internationally


After identifying the kind of matcha tea powder and after knowing a little bit about it then you’re ready to make your matcha drink tea. So here’s the thing you need equipment or tools and of course ingredients which is your best matcha tea powder.

Ceramic tea bowl
Bamboo whisk
A teaspoon
Matcha Tea powder
Hot water
Sweeteners (like milk, honey or sugar)


You need to pour boiling water on the tea bowl with the bamboo whisk to allow it to soften the strings for 2-3 minutes then set aside the liquid.
Again put a glass of hot water into the tea bowl then also 2 tbsp of matcha tea powder. It is best to used hot water because it allows dissolving the dust quickly.
Then mix the matcha tea powder on the hot water using the bamboo whisk.

Do it in an up and down motion. It’s like the transverse direction.
Make sure it is adequately mixed then if you don’t see any particulars on the bowl then it’s ready to put your sweeteners.
Any sweetener will do it’s always according to your palate.
Drink immediately and enjoy it!


Buying your matcha tea powder can sometimes hard because you need to identify the quality of those tea powders. But it is always apparent that it's not right matcha tea powder if you buy it at a meager price.

Matcha tea powder is still expensive especially the process is not natural. One of the things you need to consider in purchasing matcha tea powder is that it should be premium from Japan and 100% organic too.

We listed the suggested matcha tea powder brand you can buy online and in their store. You need to check it for yourself. It is a bit pricey, but you will surely not regret the fantastic and delicious taste of this matcha tea powder. We also provide you a simple step by step process on how can make your matcha tea drink especially if you’re a first-timer.