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June 22, 2018 4 min read

Matcha is known for its deliciously healthy drink. This can be your best drink at any time of the day. This is considered as; many people mostly consume one of the particular kind of green tea around the world and. A cup of matcha green tea is equivalent to at least ten times of container from a regular green tea. This makes matcha amazingly works to your health.

Matcha is made from a whole leaf and is shaded thoroughly during the growth. This matcha green tea is usually used in Japanese tea ceremony because of its high features and its significant effect on the health.

This can be good as a substitute for your daily intake of coffee. Though it has a bit of caffeine in it not harmful or dangerous to the health. In fact, it gives a lot of energy to you and makes you go throughout the day.

This can also enhance the function of your brain since some nutrients which matcha contains can boost up the nerves in your head and will surely get you going too.

Honestly, there are a lot of matcha tea brands out I the market. You cannot identify the real ones or the fake tea powder. But you can classify it through the taste, color, fragrance, and the flavor if it is intake.

On the next context below you will be going to check the best matcha powder you can have and where you can buy them. So that the next time around you find your matcha tea powder you will not going to waste your money for just nothing but only to the best and good matcha tea powder.


Here we will be going to discuss on how the exact match is processed, what are the precise appearance of your game, what are the process during the growth and identifying the real matcha too.

  • It comes from a plant called Camellia sinensis
  • It is appropriately shaded during the growth
  • It is typically a gyokuro kind of tea leaves

During the harvest time. Picking it in bare hands as usual. So the process is carefully done. The leaves are just dried through the air, and its process is called “TENCHA.”Stems and other parts of this plant are removed and make the leaves remain ready for matcha tea powder process.

Matcha tea powder has two purposes, one is for the ceremonial event and second is for culinary purpose. That match for formal is only drunk alone, but for culinary it’s all used for ingredients in some delicacies.

To pack up all the idea of matcha tea powder is that the whole leaf or leaves are powdered and when brewing you dink everything from that leaves and that mak8ing sure you get all the nutritional benefits you can have from that tea leaves.


Aside from being so yummy drink and can be useful for many purposes like a tea ceremony and serves as for cooking ingredients. Well, I will also tell you what is more with this matcha tea powder and how it affects your health.


This can be the best drink to reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes. It has the nutrients that fight back serious illness


By drinking this green tea powder, it helps boost your cognitive side of your body because of the L-theanine and Caffeine content.


It helps reduce your weight and can burn fats in your body.


Because of the vast amount of chlorophyll content in the tea leaves of matcha, this can help to detoxify your liver and alleviate the function as well.

Just a note to anyone that this is the best drink instead of drinking sodas and other caffeinated and acidic liquids. Most companies promote drinking matcha because of the health benefits it brings to their employees. So instead of drinking those sugary drinks, it is highly recommended to drink your matcha green tea at least one cup a day.


The suggested matcha tea powder below is all based according to customers reviews, based on research and of course based on our experiences from the time we’re looking at some good matcha tea powder. You may want to consider buying these tea powder which is mostly available online or maybe if you happen to visit some tea shop you can ask the name and brand that we stated below. Please have a look and read them accordingly.

Matcha Stmphony by Capital Teas.

This is a conventional type of matcha and known to its high quality of tea powder. It has a bright color of green, and it came from the highest grade of Japanese tea leaves. The company is known to its premium green tea that grows in the best farms around the world.

Ingredients:Premium Japan organic green tea leaves

BEST Customer Reviews: This matcha green tea makes me going, and this one is good to drink every morning and help you accomplished a lot of activities within the day.

DOMATCHA by DoMatcha.

This matcha green tea is harvested during the summer and still has the high quality of tea leaves. It picks through the hands, and the leading supplier is from the place of Uji, Japan and is known to be experts in the business for over 300 years. They only process genuine, clean, natural and free from any preservatives that make their matcha green tea excellent.

BEST Customer Reviews: This matcha tea powder taste 100% organic and helps you calm and relax because of its smooth and rich flavor.


The matcha powder I mentioned above was all proven and tested and making sure that you will not regret because of its quality and taste. This can be best to drink at any time of the day, and you will not worry about the effect because it only brings goodness to the health.

You will experience the worth and value of your money and let you want a bit more over and over again.