11 Awesome Benefits of Matcha Tea

11 Awesome Benefits of Matcha Tea

An integral part of the Japanese tradition and highly beneficial for our health, the Matcha Tea is the best available green tea in terms of nutrient supply. This green tea is produced from the young leaves of the shade-grown Camellia sinensis plants. The producers pick fresh leaves, steam them, stem them, and then de-vine those leaves before stone-grinding. It is how the Matcha Green tea gains its fine color and texture, for which it is famous across the globe. It is necessary to store the Matcha tea powder in dark and oxygen free areas to maintain its identical green color and nutritional properties.

People have been producing and taking the Whisk Matcha green tea since the ancient age in the Far Eastern countries, especially in Japan. Now its health benefits are scientifically proven and therefore it is called one of the most powerful super foods. Of course, the demands are high for the Matcha green team in the market and therefore you have come to know why everybody is talking about Matcha. So, let’s reveal 11 awesome benefits of Matcha tea and then evaluate it is good for your health or not.

  • It supplies a high dose of antioxidants:

Everybody talks about antioxidants and knows these are health promoting substances, but many people do not know what an antioxidant is. The antioxidants are some enzymes and nutrients that help every human being in fighting the harmful effects of UV radiation, prevent a lot of disease causing maladies, and provide a younger-looking skin. All in all, the antioxidants are quite essential for our health and that’s why every health-conscious person tries to get the highest-possible dose of the antioxidants. People consume green vegetables, raw fruits, dark chocolate, and many other things to gain more antioxidants.    

There is no need to consume all these products, if you can prepare and take the Matcha green tea at home. Only one bowl of this super food offers five times more antioxidants than other sources of antioxidants. This green tea is rich in antioxidants and that’s why it is very beneficial for your health.

  • It improves calmness:

The Matcha green tea has been used for many centuries. The tradition of Matcha has survived this long only because the Chinese Daoists and Japanese Buddhist monks knew the supreme health advantages of this magical super food. The monks used to take this green tea only because it offers a great relaxation and aids for meditation. You feel extremely calm and happy after taking this green tea, but all your senses remain alert. The recent studies show that Matcha is capable of providing a higher state of alertness because it contains amino acid L-Theanine. This amino acid is contained in the fresh leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, which ultimately turn into finely ground Matcha green tea powder. 

The L-Theanine amino acid aids in generating more alpha waves in the human brain. It aids in maintaining a relaxed and calm behavior for a long time and there is no side-effect of this substance.

  • It offers a rich quantity of Catechin and EGCg:

If you believe that all the antioxidants are equally beneficial for our health, then correct this misconception because it is not true. Different antioxidants offer different health benefits. The Matcha green provides a rich quantity of a specific set of healthy nutrients, famous as the Catechins. The Catechins are considered the most beneficial and potent antioxidant among all the known antioxidants. The EGCg or epigallocatechin gallate is a special catechin, which is supplied by the Matcha green tea.

The EGCg catechin is considered very beneficial because of its cancer fighting abilities. The Matcha tea offers 60% EGCg in its antioxidant supply and that quantity is probably 100 times more than the actual EGCg supply of other teas. The regular intake of one bowl Matcha tea is enough to prevent cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

  • It boosts memory:

If the Matcha tea is capable of preventing cancer symptoms, then it is also capable of boosting the memory and concentration. It gains this feature only because L-Theanine. You can call it a positive side-effect of L-Theanine that it produces dopamine and serotonin.

These two are the chemicals, which work to boost the memory, improve the mood, and offer better concentration ability. Of course, every individual wants to memorize necessary things for a long time. It will be possible for you, if you daily take one bowl Matcha green tea. It is a memory booster green tea and its benefits in this concern are proven.

  • It promotes weight loss:

Weight loss has now become an ultimate goal of many individuals across the globe. Obesity has now become a global epidemic because of lazy lifestyle and poor eating habits. People gain too much extra weight and then face troubles in losing that extra fat. Only fitness training cannot help you in losing extra weight. You need to improve the overall performance of the metabolic system. You can do it with the help of Matcha green tea. Just like other green teas, Matcha also aids to boost the metabolism and burn extra calories. You not only burn the consumed calories, but also burn accumulated fat in your body.

Many people have admitted that Matcha has helped them in losing extra weight without doing exercise. Therefore, you can call it a miracle weight loss product.

  • Matcha boosts endurance and energy levels:

Everybody knows about the legendary Japanese warriors of medieval “the Samurai”. They used to drink the Matcha green tea before participating in any battle. They used to do so because of Matcha’s energizing features. Almost kinds of the green tea offer caffeine, but Matcha offers a unique combination of nutrients to boost the user’s energy levels. Only one bowl of this green tea is enough to improve your endurance levels. The increased endurance will last at-least for the next six hours.

You would never experience any side-effects of the increased energy levels and endurance because L-Theanine will keep you alert and conscious about whatever job you are performing. You will not suffer with some common side-effects of power booster ingredients such as hypertension and nervousness and that’s why Matcha is a reliable energy and endurance booster.

  • Matcha promotes the detoxification process:

The production process of the Match green tea is quite unique. The producers place Camellia sinesis plan into dark areas three weeks before the leaves are hand picked from the plant. It is a necessary procedure because the excess of sunlight can be harmful for nutritional properties of the Matcha green tea. The chlorophyll production in the Matcha leaves increase tremendously, when the plant is covered it prevent sunlight. Thus, all the Matcha leaves gain higher levels of Chlorophyll and they appear vibrant green after this process.

The regular intake of this tea boosts the detoxification process in your body. You can easily remove harmful chemical toxins and heavy metals by consuming Matcha tea on a daily basis.

  • It boosts HDL cholesterol levels:

You must worry about it, if the LDL cholesterol levels are increased in your body. It will first cause the chest pain because the blood supplying arteries will get affected. It can ultimately result in heart attack and stroke. Many people are suffering with the cholesterol issue because of the increased levels of bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol.

Many researches were conducted in different parts of the world to prove that Matcha green tea can reduce increased LDL cholesterol levels. The results were amazing for the researchers because Matcha tea not only reduces LDL cholesterol levels, but also boosts the HDL (good) cholesterol levels.

If you drink one bowl Matcha on a daily basis, you are about 11% less likely to face any health issue associated with heart disease. It is a great ingredient to protect our heart against all sorts’ internal threats.

  • Matcha invigorates the immune system:

Matcha green tea offers a rich supply of Catechins. This nutrient is renowned to have great antibiotic properties that improve the overall health of the users. You don’t need to drink two or three bowls Matcha green tea every day. Only one bowl Matcha tea would be enough to consume considerable quantities of vitamin A, Vitamin C, Potassium, and Calcium. This tea fortifies your immune system and makes it capable of protecting your body against many dangerous diseases. Some studies also suggest that health promoting nutrients of Matcha may also protect the user against the HIV virus. The researchers are still trying to reveal more facts regarding this health benefit of Matcha.

  • It prevents infection:

As you know, Matcha green tea offers a considerable amount of epigallocatechin gallate or EGCg. The EGCg is a renowned antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral substance. It helps you in fighting various health issues caused by bacteria. No fungal infection will affect your life, if you consume Matcha green tea on a daily basis. The recent researches show that EGCg causes an inhibitory action against adenvirus Staphylococcusaureus bacteria, hepatitis B and C virus, and Candida albicans yeast. The Matcha tea is a rich source of EGCg and that’s why it is quite beneficial for your health.

  • Matcha is a delicious green tea:

In addition to all the health benefits we have listed in this post, Matcha also tastes delicious. Everyone knows that health stuffs do not taste great. You can consider some medications and natural ingredients for the example. None of these health promoting products taste great, but Matcha is different. All the Japanese and many Chinese people drink Matcha because of its unique and refreshing taste. Hence, you know Matcha’s health benefits, you would love to take it at-least two times in a day. 

There are many other green teas. Matcha has the best taste among all those green teas and that’s why we call it the best type of green tea. You don’t need to add milk, lemon, sugar or other ingredients to improve the taste of Matcha tea. Only Matcha tastes great because of its vegetative notes. It is a unique ingredient and a very healthy ingredient, which every individual should drink to experience a new and unique taste of the green tea.

Matcha is the best protection against many health issues:

It is quite hard to find a natural ingredient that offers a bunch of health benefits. You can read about many other green teas online. You may find a long list of health benefits below some other green teas, but those would be unproven health benefits. The researchers are continually studying the health benefits of Matcha tea. They want to reveal more about this magical tea so that they can add some more health benefits in the list. You will experience all the listed health benefits, if you buy Matcha and start taking it on a regular basis.

It is pretty simple to prepare the Matcha tea. In fact, it does not take a long time to brew because of its natural properties. First, take one or two teaspoon Matcha green tea in a bowl through a small sifter. Now pour 2oz hot water (not the boiling water). Now use a whisk or chasen to whisk the tea perfectly. Whisk the tea at-least for two minutes in zigzag motion and then serve it. The taste of Matcha green tea would be awesome and therefore you would like to drink it every morning.

Final words:

The Matcha tea offers much better health benefits than many other green teas and natural super foods. Of course, it is a super food and it can be easily available anywhere across the globe. You will find it different from other green teas, but not add any additional ingredient like lemon, sugar or honey in it. You should prepare the Matcha tea and drink it without additional ingredients. It will taste awesome and provide you with many known and unknown health benefits. This tea is the most important beverage served in the traditional Japanese tea ceremonies and now you can drink it to improve your health.