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July 10, 2018 4 min read

Reasons Why Matcha Green Tea Is Best Substitute To Your Coffee

Are you a coffee drinker? Is this your daily drink and part of your diet? If yes, then you’re one of those 83% people who drink coffee every day and make it as a daily dosage to their morning routine. It’s great to know that still people always want to have those coffees over and over again even there are a lot of rising drinks nowadays.  

Some people consumed mainly beverage because it helps their health alleviate and improve especially to those experiencing headaches, and less energy. But have you wondered if what are the benefits you can get from drinking coffee daily aside from those mentioned? Well, maybe I can say that it is not that much.

Do you know that there’s another substitute drink with your coffee that will surely enhance and improve your health condition in all aspects? You’re drinking the entire leaf, and you'll surely get all the nutrients you need in your body.

Plus knowing the process will surely amaze you and will let you get one of those products. By drinking this tea drink, this will help you in your mental, physical and mental aspects and you will surely have a better and useful life.

Introducing the best green tea in the world “MATCHA GREEN TEA.”The following lists are the things and benefits you can get while drinking matcha green tea every day instead of coffee.

Matcha tea powder is so unique because it came from the best te plant called Camellia sinensis. The cultivation of the tea plant is not smooth and very delicate as well as the harvesting time and the processing time.

Matcha tea powder is initially from the entire leaf of this plant, it gives you a bright color green, and that’s the indication of a healthy tea plant. The color is the result of a high level of getting those rich pigment called chlorophyll.

And this will convert to energy and when we consume it directly transfer to our body plus an extra taste of goodness. You drink all the nutrients that come from the tea leaves because the sun rays that captured by the leaves will not be wasted because as you drink matcha green tea, it helps your body sustain and keeps fighting all those health issues.


Matcha tea drink is great if you want something refreshing and energy boosting. Matcha tea has known to have 70mg of caffeine content every serving. It has a cooling effect on anyone and stays longer on your body system.

It is known to have L-theanine that surely helps you keep going throughout the day, and ta the same time, it gives a relaxing effect too. It is said that it provides concentration to the mind if you drink the tea regularly.


They said that the caffeine content in coffee will tend to trigger the stress hormones known to be cortisol and that in this case, it can be dangerous to the one’s health. While that caffeine in matcha tea is very different, that helps to reduce the stress level in your body.

It also said that it alleviates and stabilize the sugar level in the body. Both the result is very satisfying because it will undoubtedly improve your mental and physical stamina and could help your body fight back against serious illness.

It is also found out that while drinking matcha green tea, it gives clear thinking to the mind and let you meditate for a moment.


A study shows that drinking only a cup of matcha green tea every day is equivalent to ten cups of regular tea upon drinking.

The antioxidants effect is more than compared to coffee. Coffe does not have catechins which is one of the main reason why matcha green tea is unique because of the said content.

It acts as an excellent antioxidant in the body and helps fight cancer and aging of a person. It is also helpful in protecting some of the serious diseases like heart disorder and cancer that is very popular nowadays.


Coffee is known because of low pH level that is very acidic. It is understood that while you consume coffee regularly, it will give discomfort in your digestive system. Many coffee drinkers usually experienced heartburn and improper digestion.

While to those with matcha green tea, the pH level is high and it is a great source of fiber which is known to be good in digestion and allow fast metabolism. It is said that because of fiber content in matcha green tea, it helps to give you a feeling of fullness in your stomach does a good source for promoting weight loss.


Matcha green tea is the perfect tea to help you eliminate those fats inside your body. The catechins content in matcha tea will work naturally and help to burn the calories faster. It is said for some studies that by drinking coffee, you can gain weight through it. So it is better to switch from coffee to matcha green tea.


In general, matcha green tea is the best kind or type of green tea. This is because of the many nutritional benefits that you can get compared to coffee. Coffee can be a great morning drink and can help you when you have a headache and somehow can boost a bit of your energy but compared to matcha tea, it has all the following benefits mentioned above.

Aside from its great taste, it has also a delicious flavor that will let you want more over and over again. There are a lot of ways you can enjoy your matcha tea plus it can also be an ingredient in any food recipe. There are a lot of food establishments nowadays which is using the matcha tea powder for their menu and a lot of their customers starting to love it.