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Tuesday Dec 2021

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Fresh organic matcha tea powder and drink with bowl and Chasen bamboo whisk.

Matcha tips from matcha man savage


Matcha Tips From Matcha Man Savage

Matcha has been known to many people nowadays, but for me, I’ve known matcha for just a couple of months only. So with me and hoping this simple context about matcha will help you informed a bit about it and how you can get it cheap.

Matcha tea powder makes me interest because a friend of mine has been selling this kind of green tea. She said that this match has all the beneficial effect on your body plus it’s delicious.

She said that you could prepare this green tea powder easily and you can adjust its bitterness by adding some sweeteners to it. Because of her marketing and all that information I decided to grab that green tea powder.

When she said simple and easy preparation, it’s not the thing I have in my head. It’s not instant like those in the coffee pack. This is also not a pure powder because it came from a high-quality kind of tea leaves and you’re actually drinking the entire leaves, and it’s finely ground and need to whisk appropriately until it creates foam.

Honestly, the taste of this matcha tea is so different compared to that regular brewed tea even it’s coming from Japan. It has the best vibrant color of green that you will surely captivate your feeling by just seeing it.

For you to create the best matcha tea powder in your cup, then you need this specialized material only for making matcha tea drink. You may want to buy some of this material in the leading supermarket or its all available in some known online store.


You can buy some of those materials as cheap, but there are also expensive one maybe it depends on the manufacturer or the maker. This can be very helpful for you to get the best matcha drink ever for the first time.

A tea bowl – This can be made out from a ceramic type of pot

A bamboo whisk – This is made from a premium kind of bamboo for whisking matcha tea powder
A bamboo scooper – This is useful for scooping matcha tea powder out from the container.A stand where you can place the bamboo whisk after using it
A sifter or strainer – This is important to sieve the tea powder properly
Cooler for water

If you have the bowl and whisk. This will give you an idea of using the cheapest material in making matcha tea. Most of the perfect tea bowls can go up to $1000 while actually, some sell it as low as $30 you need to be resourceful enough.

But with my tools I got is as $1.50 in Daiso. They also have a $4 bamboo whisk which sells easily. In this case, you can do experimentation to check if what are the usual materials needed in making matcha tea or what are the things to start building your matcha tea.

The first thing you need to get your best and premium matcha with you. It is available to some leading supermarkets and some online store which sells quality matcha from Japan.

You can do research or get some information through the internet for you to get the best listings of the seller of matcha tea powder. You can also check some of the customer reviews and feedback with regards to their matcha tea powder. The highest rating is the best one to consider.


You can also consider its price when buying matcha tea powder. Most of the time you can get it for as low as $10 depending on its per gram and how many serving it can make for that price. You always have the option anyway.

Well, in buying matcha you cannot tell it exactly that you’re buying the fake one, but the safest place to buy your powder is in your trusted store and as I said you could also check some of the comments and reviews if you’re buying it through online. That will surely help a lot.

If you have your matcha tea powder, then you’re good to go to make your first matcha green tea from the comfort of your home. Well, some of the tools may also help a lot. So better consider it too.

Whisk.You can either use blender or fork for whisking though the result is not that fine if you’re on a budget well this will surely work too.

Scooper. You can use any spoon for measuring the tea powder. It’s not necessary the bamboo made. This will also let you save a bit of your money.

Strainer.  Matcha tea powder should be strained appropriately to result in a fine powder before proceeding in making matcha green tea, but you can only fine mesh strainer, not that expensive one. You can use your usual kind of filter like those you used in lemon.

Bowl. You don’t need to buy those fancy ceramic bowls to sip your matcha tea directly from those bowls. If you have your measuring cup with you like that ion pyrex that’s a great substitute. Then you need to pour the mixed matcha tea in your favorite bowl then you’re good to go.


Cooler. This is not the usual water cooler you have. You need to get a cup pour the water on it and let it cool down, then bingo you’re all right.
Stand. Stand? You don’t need it you can just be washed \the whisk directly from the faucet, and you’re all set.


Alright, after giving you all the tips for making your matcha tea without spending too much then you’re good to go. You can always find ways of making matcha tea not that expensive.

Paying too much in tools plus the premium powder of matcha will surely discourage your to continue using it, that if you’re on a tight budget, The suggested list above is for those people who want to experienced matcha green tea through the cheapest way.

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