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Micron-burning Matcha BowlJapanese and Korean cuisine sushi ceramic bowl home matcha small bowl restaurant special tableware

The factory mainly produces daily-use ceramics such as reinforced porcelain, Japanese and Korean cuisine glazed ceramics and high white porcelain. The main products: different sizes and shapes of dishes, bowls, pots, tea sets, wine containers, etc. The finished product is rich in color, not easy to fall off and scratch, various patterns, noble and generous, good thermal stability, it can withstand high temperature sterilization, keep the color bright and long, and the lead-free glaze layer is suitable for various purposes and can ensure Users can use it for a long time. At the same time, the factory accepts special ceramic tableware that can be customized for each special catering.
Product information:

[name] E595 lake light mountain series - circle bowl
[Specifications] E595-B-06007 4"
[Place of Origin] China Porcelain Capital - Chaozhou
[Use] Microwave, oven and dishwasher available
[Scope of use] Japanese Korean restaurant, featuring Chinese restaurant.
[Burning temperature] two firings, 750 degrees of simmering and 1320 degrees of glaze
[Packing] ordinary mail order packaging
[Commodity Remarks] Due to the camera, camera environment and computer monitor, the picture will be slightly different. Please mind if you are interested in buying! Absolutely authentic guarantee, top quality, please rest assured to buy.

Porcelain inevitably produces some defects in the production process, which are manifested in: pinholes, small black spots, scratches and scratches, and small bumps. The state has introduced a grading standard, which specifies the degree of cockroaches allowed by the authenticity. Interested friends can search for the standard of daily-use ceramics. The authenticity does not mean absolute perfection. Strict pursuit of perfection, the pros who hold the magnifying glass, or please give up the TA, thank you!

[Commodity Review] The master-level hand-painting technique gives the porcelain a dazzling brilliance, and adds an artistic charm to the use! It is the best choice for your home and gift!