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ūüĒ• Ultimate Matcha Kit, 4 Bowls, 2 Whisks, 2 Whisk Holders, 2 Scoops by Whisk Matcha‚ĄĘ

Introducing the complete Matcha Whisk and Matcha Bowl Family and Friends Kit.  Now you can enjoy Matcha for guests or with family for an affordable price with quality equipment.  Everything you need with your own choice of matcha to have a great Matcha Ceremony with Loved ones!


✅2+2 Free Matcha Bowls -> 4 Bowls! (O-Wan Imperial Bowls)

‚úÖ2 Matcha Whisks

‚úÖ2 Matcha Whisk Holders

‚úÖ2 Matcha Tea Scoops

Now you can enjoy the fun, flavour, and health benefits of O-Matcha Tea with your friends.  Perfect for gatherings of friends and family and business meetings.  Matcha is a moment for relaxing and enjoying life.  This complete kit sourced directly from Asia will be all you need to get a Matcha Party going.  We don't sell with the Matcha powder as there are so many brands that are amazing at providing Uji Ceremony Grade Matcha that's first cut from Uji above Kyoto.  We recommend Tsujiri Matcha if you can get some while visiting Gion in Kyoto.  This kit has 4 proper wabi sabi style O Wan for drinking Matcha tea, 2 whisks and holders, and two scoops to get the right ammount of grams of Matcha into your bowl for Whisking.  Everyone sells 1 expensive bowl and we wanted a complete kit where all you have to do is get the powder on the side from places like Amazon where you can pick your own flavor but we have the best hardware and complete kit for you.