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Tuesday Dec 2021

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Fresh organic matcha tea powder and drink with bowl and Chasen bamboo whisk.

Guide to choosing your tea whisk for matcha

Thick tea

Matcha product is safe for consumption

At Anton, we supply a large sort of the best quality tea whisks created by Tanimura Tango, the master maker of Takayama National Archives and Records Administration. His family has been creating bamboo tea whisks for the last five hundred years. With many various forms and kinds of tea whisks to decide on from, customers have asked American state a way to set about selecting the proper one for them, thus here is my guide to selecting the tea whisk that’s most ideal for you.

Foam or No Foam

I think the foremost common thanks to preparing whisk matcha within the U.S. is with many foams on high. this can be a skinny variety of matcha referred to as usucha. If you’re unaccustomed making ready usucha, then the most effective whisk is either kazuho or eighty honda chasen. These whisks have about 70-80 tines and that they also are the foremost wide accessible styles of tea whisks on the market. The curled tips of those whisks leave the tea to be expeditiously stirred to make foam.

If you’re already associate intimate with tea whisk, then I urge you to do the shin-kazuho tea whisk. this kind of whisk has about seventy gently falciform tines, and whereas it needs a bit obtaining accustomed, it excels at making terribly fine foam and fewer bubbles. The bonus is that the tines don’t break as simply as a result of their tips isn’t curled. this kind of whisk in white (haiku) bamboo is employed by the Grand Master of the Urasenke tea college.


I conjointly wish to imply that, contrary to common belief, making many foams isn’t the sole ‘correct’ thanks to preparing usucha. whereas the Urasenke tea college prefers to form its Matcha tea with many foams, different tea colleges and their masters prepare their tea with less foam, like Omotesenke and Mushakoji-sense as an example. Soshuryu whisks employed by Mushakouji-sense ar straight-tined, exactly to make less foam. Personally, I feel usucha with fewer foam permits for the pleasant umami and bitterness of tea to be additional clearly tasted, and for the flavor to linger longer in your mouth subsequently.

Thick Tea

A less normally ready however delicious version of matcha is thick tea or koicha, that is created with a great deal of powder and tiny plight to make the consistency of a gravy sauce. If you often prepare thick tea, then rough pronged whisks are suggested. These whisks have thicker tines that don’t break whereas you combine the koicha. If you simply often build thick tea, kazuho or shin-kazuho tea whisks may additionally be used for this purpose.

Most Important: opt for Freely

The tea whisk is supposed to be frequently used and ultimately the tines can break and therefore the handle might crack, for that purpose, it ought to get replaced. once you are searching for a replacement whisk, I hope that you simply try several sorts of whisks and not prohibit yourself to a definite college or kind

Black bamboo tea whisks, as an example, ar less normally famed however their dark austere look might dead match together with your tea bowl. Tea whisks tied with completely different colors could also be chosen per your mood, the seasons, and your own preferences.


Rest assured that each whisk is created with the utmost care by the Tanimura family. you’ll scan additional regarding the method and a spotlight that goes into the creation of those tea whisks in my journal post regarding Tanimura Tango.

With such a lot of completely different matcha product accessible in today’s marketplace, its additional vital than ever to be an associate knowing consumer: particularly wherever quality and health are involved.

There is continuously buzz among the tea drinking world relating to the results of radiation on Japanese tea. Considering an outsized a part of Japan’s agricultural region was stricken by the fallout of the Fukushima Daiichi power station as a result of the Tohoku earthquake nearly six years past – it’s comprehensible.

Rest assured though: the most tea manufacturing region wherever our Whisk Matcha is mature (Uji Kyoto) was ne’er contaminated by hot isotopes. Farmers have taken the utmost precautions once harvest home and testing for trace/unsafe levels of radiation (beyond what’s traditional considering radiation is everyplace… even within the bananas you consume).

Learn additional regarding our commitment to solely exploitation 100% radiation-free, matcha here and skim regarding analysis we’ve done to make sure all of our Whisk Premium

Matcha product is safe for consumption.

As well, you may wish {to consider|to think regarding|to contemplate} sign language up for our forthcoming Matcha one hundred and one Seminar on January eighteenth at the L’Atelier in Vancouver wherever you’ll meet Kimmy Xiao and raise her all about this and plenty of different tea-related topics to measure your best.

Whisk Matcha Quality Over Account


These days it’s really easy to search out yourself weaving through ostensibly endless aisles of mass created product at massive bulk-buy stores throughout North America – and on the far side. sadly, healthy things like matcha tea (meant to push wellness) also are created in bulk to satisfy the associate ever-increasing demand that interprets to a loss in advantages.

Rest assured, Whisk Matcha isn’t factory-made and maintains all its advantages.

At Whisk Matcha we have a tendency to stand by our belief (and passion) for artisanal quality, hand sourced, small-batch mature tea. Our Organic Ceremonial Grade and Pinnacle Gold Grade Matcha are hand-picked, instead of machine-trimmed to make sure quality is rarely compromised.

Whereas larger tea corporations sacrifice the various health advantages and nutty-sweet and swish flavor of matcha: at Whisk, we decide to stay faithful our roots in additional ways in which than one.

Our matcha tea leaves armature through a special, additional precise methodology of harvest home. New growth leaves are picked from the fork of every branch, wherever all the nutrients are found, not merely snipped by machine at an equivalent purpose of the previous harvest – translating to diluted nutrients and fewer advantages to you – the buyer.

Our Pinnacle Gold is from a rare tea varietal referred to as Asahi. The tea plants mature in individual planters providing the utmost of management and watching instead of during a huge tea field.

So the next time you create yourself a heated bowl of our Whisk Matcha, recognize that you simply will sit back and relax, sip and savor the very fact that we’ve taken each careful step to ensure you’re enjoying the highest matcha available!

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