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Tuesday Dec 2021

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Fresh organic matcha tea powder and drink with bowl and Chasen bamboo whisk.

How do I clean my matcha whisk?

What is matcha bamboo whisk?

Learn how to clean your matcha whisk

Before you use it

The takeaway

How do I clean my Matcha whisk?

Learn how you can clean your matcha whisk

We all know that matcha bamboo whisk is part of making matcha green tea; however, do you know what the purpose of this bamboo whisk is? Except for whisking your matcha tea?

This bamboo matcha whisk is a primary instrument for preparing matcha tea. It makes a frothy, velvety surface – an essential part of a delicious matcha tea or latte. The little prongs will enable you to create a beautiful light drink and reduce the measure of matcha that is staying at the base of your mug.


When it comes to making matcha tea, the universal utensil to use is the bamboo whisk. This long style is produced using a beautiful shoot of dark bamboo for traditional responsiveness. The extended handle offers a relentless hold for regular users, and all aspects of the assembling procedure are finished by hand with watchful accuracy and interest.

The idea of its craftsmanship guarantees the most astounding quality drinking matcha, making the bamboo whisk as an essential utensil for tea experts and growing bosses.

Let get some idea what bamboo whisk is and how it is used to make a frothy matcha

What is Matcha Bamboo whisk?

The Bamboo Matcha Whisk (which is also known as Chasen) is one the most famous tea instruments used in preparing matcha tea. Being a thousand years of age now, the plan and equipment used to make these customary tea-procedure utensils have just changed.

Nowadays, there is some new matcha whisk that gives more stylish quality that other current tools can pair, it also implies that it is genuine-made matcha whisk that is somewhat more high upholding than their current partners.

How to use Matcha Bamboo Whisk

We all do love matcha, not because of its fantastic taste and flavors, and yet it is rich in antioxidants properties and other health benefits for every portion of it. But before we can get started in making a matcha green tea, we need a traditional, high-quality matcha whisk (usually this matcha whisk has 80 prong bamboo whisks) that can make your matcha tea a soft, frothy and tasty.  


In preparing matcha, include 80 degrees of water and matcha powder to a single bowl and use the matcha whisk to form an ‘M’ shape until it becomes frothy, afterward include water or milk. To have the best result, use a ceramic matcha bowl with a bamboo whisk on preparing matcha powder.

Learn how to clean your Matcha whisk

Matcha green tea continues to become famous all over the world. However, because of its popularity, many of us looking for the fastest and easiest way to prepare our matcha tea.

In this case, we tend to buy stylish whisk like electric matcha whisk to make our whisking more efficiently and faster. Though, some of us admired matcha not only for its taste or other medical advantages but instead of its traditional value like the bamboo whisk – Chasen.

This is the standard tools for preparing matcha green tea powder. Since you use this bamboo whisk for a couple of minutes, it’s whisk starts to lose its original beauty or its shapes.

Usually, when matcha whisk use in traditional Japanese ceremonies, the bamboo whisk is supplanted, however, for us, who is matcha lover, we can’t afford to replace matcha whisk every day.   Luckily, with proper caring for a bamboo whisk, it can still look fresh and in shape for you to use for a quite a long time.

Learn how to properly clean or how to properly care your matcha whisk by following this simple steps to make your matcha whisk stays longer!

Before you use it

Drenched it: Once you finally receive your matcha whisk, in a matcha bowl, add some warm water and leave it for a couple of minutes. This will make your matcha whisk to spread out in the center and the outside twist. In this case, you will notice that it is bloomed slowly and turns in its original shape.


After using it

Proper Cleaning:The matcha whisk can easily create shape, and adequate cleaning maintains its prong to its ways. Since cleaning your bamboo whisk is a simple, fast and easy task to do, it doesn’t mean you need to wash it in a dishwasher.

What you need to do is wash your matcha bowl with warm water, after you are done cleaning the matcha bowl fill in with fresh warm water and put the bamboo whisk and start whisking the warm water like you’re preparing it again.

After that, inspect the bamboo whisk to check whether there are any green spots left behind, once you saw some green places continue whisking the bamboo whisk in the water. If not, gently shake the bamboo whisk in the outer surface of the bowl to ensure the excess water is off.  


Start drying it: a shape may create with dampness from excess water that been stuck in your bamboo whisk, so getting it as dry as possible after you clean it is necessary. After gently shaking the excess water that might be on your bamboo whisk, all you need to do is to air dry it.

It doesn’t get any less demanding than that. Don’t merely stand your bamboo whisk up on a table, as it could trap dampness and prompt more shape. The ideal approach to give it a chance to air dry is to place it into a matcha whisk holder.


Proper storing:Storing your bamboo whisk is making a variation too. Your matcha whisk is available equipment and a lovely tool that is fragile. However, it is not a good idea to store your bamboo whisk in the pot where it came (the bamboo whisk usually comes in a plastic tube).

The ideal approach to keep it is on a matcha whisk container, which costs not as much as the whisk itself and it is justified regardless of the deal.

The whisk usually assembles appropriately from its prong on the top and handle in the bottom (inward prongs ring inside the holder’s gap), and it keeps up its shapes and shields it from destruction.However, in proper cleaning of matcha whisk, we also have the do’s and don’ts to follow for us to know the exact way of cleaning the matcha whisk without damaging it.

  • Clean softly your bamboo whisk every time after you create matcha tea.
  • Whisk the prong under frigid waters for a couple of seconds.
  • Used your finger to get the excess matcha that may be stuck inside the prongs. Dry out the bamboo whisk after cleaning it with fabric or paper towel.
  • Put the whisk in the open air to give the prongs a chance to dry.
  • Store your bamboo whisk on a whisk holder to lengthen its duration and keep its shapes.
  • Try not to keep your whisk put away in the plastic holder where it came in.
  • Try not to leave any dampness on your bamboo whisk right after you clean it – going moisture can make shapes expand.
  • Should I need to soak the matcha whisk for almost an hour? No! You only need to soak for a couple of seconds before you use it.
  • Can I make dry it with the use of some fan? In my opinion, the best way to let it dry is through air dry to maintain its proper shapes.

The Takeaway

Every one of us loves to drink matcha tea since we use a bamboo whisk in making matcha we should know the proper caring and cleaning of it. Typically, the bamboo matcha whisk is produced using bamboo, and as with anything produced using natural materials, they will get worse every day using it.

As I said before, the bamboo matcha whisk needs to care and cleaned before you store it correctly, if not it will not last for a long time, and you will continue to repurchase another whisk.

That is the reason why we compose some helpful tips for proper caring and cleaning of your matcha whisk for some matcha drinkers who want to set up their matcha tea in the traditional way without having replaced their matcha whisk every day!

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