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Tuesday Dec 2021

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Fresh organic matcha tea powder and drink with bowl and Chasen bamboo whisk.

Preparing the most delicious matcha tea


Matcha benefits

Making your matcha green tea

Frosty matcha tea


Preparing the most delicious matcha tea

Do you feel exhausted and feeling out of energy today? Then you think to stop for a while in bistros, yet you didn’t do it? Don’t feel sorry for yourself; you can make you in the comfort of your home; all you need to know is it’s simple recipes and the tools you can find in your kitchen.

Since your drinking matcha tea, have you ever think what really matcha is? Except for its being superfoods for everyone? Sounds confusing?

Matcha powder is favorite among green teas. It is well-made and stone-grounded that originates in Japan. Its leaves are covered by straw pads to grow old, expanding their chlorophyll and amino substances then produced into a most excellent powdered green tea.

The powder green tea of matcha is brilliantly green in shading, with a taste that is more grounded and grassier compared to standard green tea.

The tea doesn’t soak, however somewhat mixed into high-temperature water. Since you’re consuming the real leaf and not merely drinking its mixture, matcha is higher in caffeine than traditional green tea.


Matcha Tea is produced using a hundred percent stone-ground green tea leaf. Only just the finest, Gyokuro green tea leaves are used to make matcha. The procedure is an excellent work. For more than a hundred years, the Japanese agriculturists have proceeded with the old methods used by their families to make a superior quality matcha tea.

Matcha green tea is a powdered green tea that blends the class of the Japanese Tea Ceremonials and the intense world of green tea medical advantages. Being a powder tea, it emerges because you are drinking the entire leaves, rather than not just only the water is extricated.

Matcha benefits

In drinking matcha green tea, you’re not only drinking the whole leaves from it but, you also consume a lot of health benefits from the green tea leaves and here are some few lists of matcha health benefits that will give you a refreshing and healthy body!


Calmness:  Matcha green tea leaves contain L-theanine that helps you to create peace without tiredness.
Rich in Antioxidants: matcha contains polyphenols and EGCC compared to regular green teas, this helps you to prevent some types of cancer to build you a healthy body.
Weight Reduction: Matcha green tea has been appeared to build the rate of putting away fat as vitality, and additionally lessening the development of new fat cells. The catechins in Matcha boost the body’s rate of calories consuming every day and offered extra burning significant advantages while doing workouts.

Matcha also contains the following health benefits:

Lower the levels of sugars and cholesterols
Detoxify the body
Provides vitamins and minerals
Helps to prevent the disease
Improves the concentrations
Rich in fiber

Making your matcha green tea

In preparing your matcha green tea, the first thing you should need to know is the tools that you may require in making matcha. The most basic traditional tools are you need the matcha whisk, matcha bowl, sifter, bamboo spoon, tea container and apparently, the matcha powder.

However, in case you don’t have any of the traditional tools, you can use some modern matcha tools in your kitchen, for example, battery-worked milk frother, tea mugs, and electric pots. Since you officially arranged your stuff for matcha, there are about a couple of guidelines for you-you to follow quickly in making your matcha green tea!

For Hot matcha tea

Put the ½ tsp. Or 1 grams of matcha powder into a glass and afterward, add the heated water (not too much hot) and whisk for about thirty seconds until the matcha powder has been fully melted. You can add some boiling water then whisk the matcha until it turns it into a sticky and afterward slowly includes whatever is left of the heated pool while whisking.

Frosty Matcha tea

In a matcha bowl, pour the 1/2 teaspoon or 1 gram of matcha powder into a water bottle, shakes carefully then include lemons, limes or mint leaves to add some taste. This is the most natural and most invigorating way to drink matcha, and mostly, this is the most favorite options especially when hitting the exercise fitness center or need a fast matcha tea when you’re in a hurry.


Reminder for whisking matcha

The matcha whisk is the most ideal and traditional approach to whisk matcha tea as the bamboo whisk has been made especially for matcha and it makes the delectable layer of foam that no other whisk can do. In any case, if you don’t have one, you can use a battery-operated whisk or a little metal whisk.

However, once you choose to use the spoon for whisking, you will notice that it is tough to liquefy the matcha powders. If you have don’t have a bamboo whisk, the best option is you should make the match in a jug, shake entirely and afterward transfer it to your container.

The two styles of making matcha green tea

Matcha Tea has two distinctive styles in preparing which is the Koicha (thick tea) and Usucha (thin tea).  Usually, the absorption of matcha to water is the characterizing point between these two styles of groundings. When you are planning to make the koicha style, it is best to use a high-quality Matcha with a lively shading, natural sweetness, and an unremarkable umami taste.


Filter the 1 and ½ of matcha powder into a little bowl and put it aside. Add a strainer over a bit of matcha bowl and divide the matcha powder into it. In case you don’t have a matcha scoop, divide 1½ teaspoon or 2 g of matcha powder. Carefully tap the strainer to filter the tea into the bowl. This will separate any clusters and give you a smooth matcha powder in the end.

Add 2 60 ml or 2 oz of boiling water into a different teacup. The water should be hot approximately 165 to 180°F. Try not to empty the high-temp water into the tea bowl with the match yet.

Gradually empty the heated water into the matcha bowl. This will help keep the matcha from clustering. The high-temp water will also make hot the tea glass, creating it to prepare for the tea. As of now, you may likewise need to dry the tea glass with a perfect towel.


With the use of a bamboo whisk, whisk the tea for about 10-15 sec with the bamboo whisk in a crisscross movement. Remember that you should only use matcha whisk or another modern whisk in whisking matcha. Don’t use a metal fork or as this will influence the taste and smell of the tea.


Filter three teaspoon of matcha powder into a matcha bowl and put it aside. Put the strainer over the matcha bowl and apportion the matcha powder into it. In case you don’t have matcha scoop, allocate 3 Tsp. Or 4 g of matcha. Softly beat the side of the strainer to filter the tea into the bowl. This will separate any clusters and give you smooth matcha at last.

Add 2 oz or the 60 ml of boiling water into a cup. The water should be barely bubbling, around 75 to 80°C. Try not to empty the high-temp water into the matcha bowl
Add a portion of the water into the matcha bowl. Try not to pour all the water at the same time, or it will make the tea cluster up
Whisk the tea quickly with a bamboo whisk in round movements. Continue mixing until the match is dissolved into a thick consistency.
Add remaining water into the bowl and blend it. Using matcha whisk, whisk into a half-round movements. Continue mixing until the matcha paste dissolves in. It won’t be thin similar to Usucha, yet thicker and darker.

Whether you choose the Usucha or koicha style, you need to prepare it accurately. When you already know how to blend it, you can appreciate it in various ways.

The Takeaways

Making your matcha tea is quite a bit tricky for some new to it, but the benefits of it will unwind you and calm your mind and body. If you’re looking to revive your body from a long tiring day, this is your opportunity to set aside some time for yourself.

You can prepare it in your wake-up routine, or after lunch or at whatever time that suits you however ideally not very late as matcha also contains caffeine which goes on for 4 to 6 hours.

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