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Tuesday Dec 2021

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Fresh organic matcha tea powder and drink with bowl and Chasen bamboo whisk.

The proper way of drinking matcha


What is the ideal time to drink matcha?

Required cups per day

The final takeaway!

The proper way of drinking matcha

Matcha green tea has unique and extraordinary health-increasing substances compared to other green teas which are also produced in Camellia Sinensis plant. Even if matcha tea is dominant and has wide range kinds of supplements, yet, too much drinking of it can also cause side effects to our body.

Keep in mind that the best timing in Matcha drinking is reliant on the reason for which it’s being consumed.

For instance, a few people drink Matcha for weight reduction, while others drink it to enhance concentrations. A few people drink Matcha for its cancer prevention agents while others like to drink Matcha just for the number of vitamins and supplements that it contains. Others drink Matcha for the increasing energy.

No matter what is your reason for drinking matcha, it is best to know the proper way of consuming matcha to avoid any side effects that you may get in excessively drinking it!


There’s a lot of people are interested in getting in shape with drinking green tea or matcha. If this indeed helps to reduce weight, then, what should be the amount of matcha you should consume every day? Let’s take a look at some few advantages of matcha for detoxification and as assistance with losing additional pounds.

Detoxifying is an ideal way to set up your body to burn fat and end up in good health. If you are searching for a tea that can detoxify your body, the best choice is matcha. The green tea leaves produced in matcha are rich with chlorophyll, which perform as a filter of heavier metals and poisons from the body.


Also, matcha tea has a powerful antioxidant that turned out to be a great partner of weight reduction as it fastens the digestion and prevents the body to consume fats. It is additionally a standout amongst the most effective anti-inflammatory acts.

What is the ideal time to drink matcha?

Here is the list of the best time to drink matcha

Before taking for a workout

Before you start doing exercises, drinking 2 cups of matcha is an ideal way to make sure that you’re doing it without a flaw. Those who drink a cup of Matcha before starting their daily workout will get their most out of their exercises, the hard-working that they put in.

Before going to work

One of the benefits of matcha is increasing its concentration. So, before you put yourself on a long tiring day, drinking matcha tea is the best choice to stay focus and calm all through the day. Nowadays, people are frequently feeling worried by stress, matcha contains L-theanine that helps to relieve stress and to deal with any other difficulties of the present working environment.

As an afternoon drink

Consider Matcha a caffeinated drink that discharges vitality in your circulatory system gradually. This implies ordinary Matcha consumers encounter increased energy that endures throughout the day.

In any case, current research has discovered that it’s the blend of energizing properties that is accountable of the moderate discharge of vitality.

The proper consuming of matcha every day!

Sometimes, people ask themselves how many times they should drink matcha in a day. However, it remains a question for some of us. The truth is, it’s down to every person’s choice. In drinking matcha, there is no particular limitation on the amount you want to consume every day.

However, the leading case where you need restrains your matcha is, if you are sensitive any caffeinated drinks or if you’re pregnant. Why?  

Since you drink matcha, you also consume the tea leaves itself and not only soak water as you normally use in any other green teas – therefore you get the higher content of caffeine. Though the caffeine you get is diverse from what you discover in some espresso, it gives a more economical discharge of vitality.


It additionally collaborates with a large measure of L-Theanine – a corrosive amino subsidiary that works in a blend with caffeine to delay the discharge of vitality more than six hours.

However, if you have the sensitivity to caffeine, it is recommendable that you have to restrain your matcha drinking from 1 to 2 cups every day. While in pregnant women, it’s better to avoid caffeine through the entire pregnancy because drinking caffeinated drinks may cause a congenital disability to your unborn child. Thus, consuming matcha ought to be restricted fittingly.

The most advisable way for anyone in the above circumstances is to seek advice from your specialist for you to decide whether it is safe for you to drink caffeinated drinks.  The essential thing that you have to remember when thinking how much matcha you ought to drink every day is that matcha has only one ingredient – ground, green tea leaves.

Required cups per day

Having a great taste and amazing health benefits, we always tempted to drink excess cups of matcha every day. Am I right? There are such undesirable effects as drinking a lot of green tea.

To much drinking, some green tea may bring out more damage than great. Let us discover what number of cups each day is good for us to have safe drinking matcha!

Three cups are enough but not too much!

Most people who are matcha drinker, it is better to drink 2 to 3 cups of matcha per day. Leading to an everyday consumption of a possible sum of 240 mg to 320 mg of polyphenols, the helpful antioxidants that are usually in the natural food.

The power of three cups!

Possibly you are asking why you need to limit yourself in drinking matcha if there are a few investigations demonstrates that it is safe to drink and also contains a lot of antioxidants which indicates to battle against diseases. But, it is smarter to limit ourselves to drinking excess matcha every day. Why? Only look into the following reasons.


Matcha contains caffeine:

8 ounces of matcha have 24 mg to 45 mg of caffeine, yet a cup of espresso has approximately 100 mg. While the maximum limit of caffeine is around 400 milligrams for adults and about 100 mg to 200 mg for some pregnant women. As a result, it takes 10 cups of matcha green tea for you to go beyond the daily limit of caffeine.

Contains heavy metals and leads: There are some studies shows that all prepared tea

leaves and green tea leaves have the leaded level which is risk-free for our body. However, the increasing lead in the body is a dangerous issue, especially for some pregnant women. Also, matcha contains higher aluminum content which may result in neurological disease.

Blocking the nutrients absorption: The antioxidants or polyphenols in matcha green tea may have similarity for iron and green tea mixture can cause a remarkable lessening in the iron ingestion from the eating regimen. The tannins in green tea interfere with the assimilation of iron and also of foliate.

The final takeaway!

If you’re drinking matcha for happiness such as for weight loss or having a refreshing day in the morning, remember that there is proper dosage of matcha. Drinking matcha every day will give them more energy to surpass all the workloads during the day; helps them to get in shape.

Deals with any cardiovascular system, improve the immune system and prevents infections. However, drinking an excess of matcha can lead to harmful effects on your body. Because matcha contains caffeine, so it is safe to drink of 2 to 3 cups of matcha per day to have a safe and healthier lifestyle!

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