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Tuesday Dec 2021

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Fresh organic matcha tea powder and drink with bowl and Chasen bamboo whisk.

How to drink matcha tea?

Whisk Matcha is more than just a regular green tea. It is accessible in powdered form and comes from Japan. It was used in making the healthy green tea during the old decades of Japan. It is considered as a superfood, and there are different recipes in which it is used.

It provides a lot of exceptional benefits that makes it different and better from the rest. However, at the moment, we are here to tell you the ways through which you can drink this tea at home easily. Have a look at the following:

  1. Matcha Green Tea Latte

You can easily make the Matcha Green Tea Latte at home. It is quite tasty and flavorful. It has a beautiful green shade with the awesome swan etched in the froth of milk. You can add one spoon of this powdered tea into your hot milk and can enjoy this Latte.

  1. Cold Matcha Green Tea

The cold Matcha Green Tea is one of the best ways to consume this tea. It is quite refreshing, and you can drink it when you have to move into places urgently. You can make this cold tea at home and can take it to your office, gym or any other place.

It will neither lose its taste but will also stay yummy. You can make it according to the size of your water bottle. However, before drinking this cold tea from your water bottle, you have to shake it well. Always keep in mind that you have to add one teaspoon in 500ml/17.5oz of water.


In case you will add more powder then your tea will have a bitter taste. You can chop lemon and then add small chunks of it to enhance the flavor of this tea. You can also add mint into this drink to make it more refreshing and healthy.

  1. Matcha Green Tea Smoothies

There are many people who are fond of drinking smoothies. If you are one of them, then there is good news for you! You can make the Matcha green tea smoothieat home. You will surely enjoy this smoothie and increase your energy from it.

Also, you can drink this smoothie at anytime and anyplace you want. It is full of energy so it is recommended that you drink this smoothie in breakfast.

  1. Matcha Mojito

You can now make the mojito of this item. The ingredients are explained below:

  •    5 mint leaves
  •    1ox / 25ml vodka
  •    2oz / 55ml good white rum
  •    Club soda / sparkling water
  •    1.5 – 2oz 45-55ml matcha simple syrup

When you are going to make the Matcha mojito, then you have to tear the mint leaves first. After that, you have to put them in the base of your glass. You need to muddle these leaves by using the muddler.

It is the time to add rum, vodka along with matcha and mix the ingredients properly. You have to add ice to your drink and a half glass of water. Now your mojito of matcha is ready.

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