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Tuesday Dec 2021

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Fresh organic matcha tea powder and drink with bowl and Chasen bamboo whisk.

How to use matcha green tea powder in smoothies


Recipes for smoothie with the use of matcha green tea powder

Need to do


Proper consuming matcha can lead to a healthy lifestyle?

How to use matcha green tea powder in smoothies

Matcha green tea smoothie

You will most likely hear about of matcha as superfoods everywhere throughout the world. The Matcha powder has a lot of usages in our daily lives, such as incorporating its powder in any refreshments as healthy beverages like frappuccino and smoothies.

While this is precisely a green tea, this matcha tea is extraordinarily unpredictable and non-conventional as in as opposed to being a piece of active ingredients in some drinks, and it comes as a mixed powder that can be devoured straightforwardly.

Matcha green tea gives practical medical advantages and components that are the same as regular green tea, just in additional measurements of L-theanine to caffeine and against oxidants – making it one of the most beneficial and trendiest approaches to get your dosage of caffeine.

The matcha powder is exceptionally prominent refreshment in the present day and age, matcha tea itself is accessible in a wide range of natural variability of explosives, and mostly in every supermarket, tea store, and in some health food store that offers it.

While this fabulous superfood may resemble your average protein powder, in reality, it is more than a great tea green powder.


Making your matcha smoothie

If you want to make matcha beverages, why don’t you try to make matcha green tea smoothies for extra-amazing delicious taste? This matcha smoothie is a tasty, easy and fast recipe you could ever be made in the comfort of your home without spending a lot of money.

It is a standout amongst the most typical matcha tea smoothies you’ll discover, and because of the green tea powder of matcha, you can make some smoothies that have a fabulous flavorful of green tea with a trace of banana, or you can use dairies to make it more special.


This is not just a healthy and enjoyable drink tea; it’s likewise an incredible recipe to make some healthy refreshment with the use of matcha powder.

If you want to experiment with the matcha powder, choose to make a delicious and healthy smoothie. In this section, you will discover some recipes that are vegan-friendly drinks that have the use of matcha green tea powder that you will surely enjoy making and drinking.

Recipes for Smoothie with the use of Matcha Green Tea Powder

Making your very own matcha green tea smoothie? Try this matcha green tea powder smoothie. This is a tasty and flavorful drink that is super healthy habits that will start your day full of energy and will give you a reviving feeling. This match will increase your metabolic rate, vitality and gives you a calming day ahead!

Matcha Green Tea powder-Smoothie with Strawberry and Banana

Try something new with this delicious matcha green tea smoothie with some delicious strawberry and bananas as an ingredient.

What you need:

  • Two mugs defrosted solidified strawberries
  • One banana
  • 1 Kiwi (peeled)
  • Two scoops of vanilla protein powder
  • 1/2 plain cup of low-fat yogurt or you can use 1/2 glass unsweetened vanilla almond drain for alternative
  • One tsp. of additional virgin olive oil
  • Two tsp. of Premium Culinary Grade Matcha

Need to do:

Add all fixings to blender and mix until smooth.

By mixing a few bananas, you don’t need to include more sweetener or even nectar too. Blending bananas and strawberry have practically possessed a flavor like it is the best matcha green tea smoothie you’ve ever taste!

Matcha Green Tea Powder Smoothie with Blueberry Coconut

The Blueberry coconut matcha green tea smoothies are a forever healthy treat for everyone. This one is basic, flavorful, and is pressed with vast amounts of supplements to support and hydrate you on those sweltering summer days.

The Blueberry is loaded of cell reinforcements, simple to process, a significant measure of fiber, and have plenty of vitamin C while the Coconut milk/water supplies and maintain the right balance of fluids to your body, and it is loaded with vitamins, minerals, as well as photochemical.  


We both know that matcha powder has a higher measure of cell reinforcements than wide-ranging prepared green tea, likewise has about as much caffeine as espresso, except that it influences your body distinctively and doesn’t give you tension or nerves. This tasty and flavorful matcha smoothies will provide you with a healthy and invigorating feeling.


  • 1 cup of solidified blueberries
  • ½ of a Fresh bunch of spinach
  • Frozen Ice
  • 1 cup of coconut water
  • ½ or 2 tsp matcha green tea powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon of maca powder
  • One measure of vanilla protein
  • Toppings: 2 tablespoons of cut coconut, one tablespoon of cacao, one tablespoon of almond margarine, 2 teaspoons of hemp seeds


Mix all the fixings in a powerful blender and mix until it became smooth and creamy. To influence the smoothie additional thick, to utilize less fluid. If you need it to be filtered and less substantial, at that point use somewhat more fluid.

Fill the smoothie into a basin and crest with cut coconut, cacao nibs, and almond spread.

This splendid blueberry smoothie is ideal for mealtime, post-exercise, or an evening nibble. It will give you the vitality you have to get past even your busiest days.

Matcha Green Tea Powder Smoothie Honey

Since we don’t all have sufficient energy that is necessary to take in the delightful, antiquated traditions making the right tea grounding, we’ve presented to you this healthy and vegan-friendly recipe, that not just gives you the strong medical advantages of matcha, however you will also enjoy the delicious taste of this heavenly smoothie that you can’t resist with.

Strength in your grasp and a little get up and go in your series you will inevitably ask for it once more! Try it out!


  • One tsp. of matcha green tea powder
  • Two tsp. of boiling water
  • 1 cup of milk
  • One ripe banana
  • 1 tbsp. of honey/nectar
  • Four pcs. Of ice cubes


Begin with dissolving the matcha green tea powder in boiling water, then after it was disbanded mix all the remaining ingredients in a blender and mix until its combination becomes smooth.

You can also try some different recipes for making healthy matcha smoothies, for example, is matcha vanilla smoothies and mango vanilla smoothies. You can experiment with smoothies as long as you include matcha powder in it to have it super nutritious strong drinks!


Proper consuming matcha can lead to a healthy lifestyle?

We all know that every portion of matcha powder includes a lot of health benefits, in matcha you’re drinking the entire leaves, and that creates a significant impact significantly more strength. This implies you don’t have to run over the edge with the amount you consume and one container daily is sufficient when it’s flushed as tea.

You can add it to your smoothies too – if you include a similar measure of matcha to your smoothies identical to adding it in some tea; you should restrain it to solo matcha serving for each day. Following this, you gain a lot of health benefits from its powder, and yet you can also avoid some matcha side effects for too much consuming it.

Proper storing of matcha green tea

Every food and beverages have a proper storing for keeping it safe to consume again. Matcha should also need an adequate saving; it should be avoided from warmth, light, and air. On the off chance that it’s presented to these components, the supplements will corrupt rapidly.

Putting away the matcha holder in the icebox before you begin utilizing it can help it to remain to get it done for more. When it’s open, move the match to a sealed shut holder and keep it in the dark cabinet or the cooler. Generally, matcha will keep going for no less than a half year and here and there is also a time that it will last for a year.

Final Verdict

Get your smoothies to the following level by utilizing matcha green tea powder as the main ingredients. Unless you mix a super stable group of matcha green tea, you won’t see the taste in your smoothie, yet will receive all the great health rewards matcha green tea brings to the table.

Matcha is not only for beverages, but you can also do some food experiment as it’s the significant fixings for your sweets.

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