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Tuesday Dec 2021

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Fresh organic matcha tea powder and drink with bowl and Chasen bamboo whisk.

Is matcha a drink or someway of life?

Drinking tea calming and spiritual

Matcha symbolises rules

Closely tangled with Zen Buddhism and heedfulness, Matcha tea leaf appeals to our reflective nature in each manner potential. it’s long been thought to be a key part of the manner of the Tea that was all concerning rituals to emphasize heedfulness and spirituality.

Zen monks usually drank Whisk Matcha before starting their meditation sessions, tea ceremonies were command wherever Matcha was consumed and it had been taken terribly seriously for its restorative properties and perceived qualities to a market clarity of the mind. It wasn’t almost about drinking the tea, it had been concerning swiftness down and being within the moment. it had been concerning appreciating life, its straightforward joys, its beauty and its length.

If you’re at home with the thought of the “Tree of Life”, then you’ll recognize that once softened to its clean basics, the “Tree of Life” refers to something that provides rise to life. Simple, right? Yet, the importance of its abundant deeper and far additional advanced.

Look around at what’s happening in the world concerning preventative medication. There’s a rapid climb of awareness concerning it. individuals square measure realizing the actual fact that Mother Nature encompasses a wealth of herbs and plants with wonderful health advantages.

And these square measure getting used additional and additional wide to require care of our health before the time comes once we square measure forced to.

A tree’s roots facilitate it survive, keep healthy and grow. Similarly, the anatomy reflects the state of the nonsecular body. each of them has to be compelled to be in good form, therefore to talk, so as for the USA to survive and grow. The “soil” is our anatomy that is directly suffering from what we have a tendency to place in it. And what water is to a tree, superfoods square measure to our health.


Nature offers associate degree abundance of superfoods which will heal and nourish the body. One such superfood is Matcha. Once it’s absorbed into the body, it builds a healthy “soil” that improves our physical additionally as mental well-being.


What’s most fascinating here is that the health advantages found during a big range of healing plants and herbs square measure found committed in one single, little tea plant – Matcha.

To understand Matcha a bit higher, we’d like to require a step back and appearance at however it wedged life in twelfth-century Japan.

Followers of Zen Buddhism steered far from the standard ways that of creating a living. They believed in achieving self-understanding through knowledge and were of the opinion that everybody will attain it through horribly straightforward, everyday activities. however those straightforward things should be through with nice intensity, a great deal of thought should go in them and one should create it the only goal of their life to achieve self-understanding. solely then will they accomplish it.

Drinking tea calming and spiritual

Drinking tea was thought-about to be calming, spiritual, and some way to extend the notice of the lifestyle called wabi-sabi (simplicity and austerity). Drinking tea was conjointly a trial to understand the imperfect as some way to seek out Zen

The philosophy of wabi-sabi expanded to any or all walks of life, including, however not restricted to, art, design, and even interior style. In places tucked away deep in nature, little tea houses would be designed for individuals to pay time considering the straightforward joys of life through activities like painting, transcription flowers and drinking tea.


As you’ll guess, everything was designed to inspire individuals to feel one with nature. the thought behind it had been that by absolutely understanding the sure thing of length and therefore the sheer simplicity of the soul, one will rise to the next state of consciousness.

Matcha symbolises rules

In the Japanese chanoyu, the water utilized in making ready Matcha symbolises rule and therefore the fireplace that helps brew the tea represents rule. Matcha is unbroken during a little ceramic instrumentality coated with a silky pouch.

The ceremony host arranges the materials required like a bamboo whisk, a Chawan (tea bowl) and a Chashaku (scoop).

additionally, to those materials, a silk textile is additionally utilized in the ceremony to purify the instrumentality that holds the Matcha – it’s thought to represent the host’s spirit.

The manner the host handles this piece of article signifies their heedfulness. Zen monks believed that the chanoyu works on all 5 senses. it had been designed to awaken the attendees, each physically additionally as spiritually. And it had been conjointly meant to bring inner peace by positioning physical and mental well-being.

Smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight – the 5 senses were met with the aroma of the tea, the feel of the straw mat on the ground, and therefore the feel of the glazed ceramic tea bowl, the style of the tea, the sound of the water boiling, and therefore the stunning pictures within the wall scrolls and flower arrangements.

With all the 5 senses woke up, the mind has ample food for thought while loving the wonder of the venue and therefore the calmness of the ceremony.

Simplicity and Purity

One of the best Zen monks, subunit No Riku, began a hunt to review the ritual of tea drinking and its impact on the mind and body. He nearly single-handed designed the ritual of a ceremony, or as we have a tendency to decision it nowadays: the Japanese chanoyu.


As with everything Zen, the chanoyu too has associate degree inner that means associate degreed an outer significance. The tea space itself, and therefore the aged, worn materials in and around it represent the outer significance, called Sabi, that means material life. They cue the USA that – everything in life is temporary and can eventually decrease.

Books on the topic forever quote the key aspects of the chanoyu – harmony, tranquility, and respect. This state of harmony, tranquility, and respect is earned even during this day and age. Take a while off your busy schedule, sit back, and luxuriate in a cup of Matcha tea leaf and you’ll see that it doesn’t simply relax however conjointly delights your body and mind.

Matcha uplifts the spirit and brings the mind and body into harmony, while alimental your health. Japanese sages have celebrated the rattling health advantages of Matcha and its impact on mental well-being for hundreds of years. The twelfth-century Japanese Buddhist monk Eisai had once aforesaid,


A medication is for one malady solely, however matcha tea leaf may be a quite nostrum which will stop and treat all kinds of ailments.” He gave Matcha the denomination – “the Elixir of the Ancients”.


Matcha and You


Full revelation, Matcha will take complete care of your body and mind. it’s an honest thanks to placing your shields up against cancer and cardiovascular disease. It’ll lower your glucose, assist you to reduce and even scale back your stress. Here’s a whole list of health advantages that Matcha must supply.

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