Is Matcha Good For Acne?

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Dean Fankhauser


Tuesday Dec 2021

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Fresh organic matcha tea powder and drink with bowl and Chasen bamboo whisk.

Is matcha good for acne?

Matcha as a helpful agent for acne

Using matcha tea as a face mask

Is Matcha Good For Acne?

A lot of commercial skin care products are now available in the market. And They have acted as a useful agent in healing those skin problems.

People have different skin type and that there are skin care products that suit anyone and there are those who are not suitable for another skin type. Don’t you know that a morning drink can heal your skin problems?

What is Acne?

It is a skin outbreak which causes mainly by the genes, hormones, and inflammation. This is very true to some who have just experienced puberty. The skin itself produced a natural oil, and that excess oil will trap to the pores of the skin and that cause to clogged on the pores and produce bacteria that cause acne

It is also known that inflammation causes acne and that it is said that the sebum produced in the skin triggers the case. There are natural bacteria present in our skin and that those bacteria are known as P.acnes.And if the number of bacteria grows it undoubtedly caused an acne outbreak.

Matcha as a helpful agent for Acne

How this amazing green tea heals acne? Matcha green tea has a great ingredient which is best for the health of a person. It is called EGCG; it has antioxidant which real potential in eliminating all the unnecessary chemicals in the body.

This element present in matcha is also known to be celebrated in removing the hard materials in the body that may cause serious illness.


In using matcha to treat your acne naturally, you can either prepare it by pasting it in your face or try to drink the matcha as a tea drink. Its EGCG will directly absorb in the skin of the body and fight all those oil, sebum and bacteria present in the skin that may cause in the formation of acne.

According to study, drinking matcha for eight weeks may result in the reduction of sebum formation in your face. Also by drinking matcha tea, it may even fight the P. acne bacteria and inevitably will reduce up to 70% of it.

You may choose the kind of matcha tea you want to drink. Either the regular matcha tea or the ceremonial grade matcha can still be best in the treatment of acne naturally. This will rejuvenate yourself from all the toxins and harmful chemicals present in the body.

Using matcha tea as a face mask

We all know that acne can be seriously embarrassing to anyone. Whether you’re young or old, those skin problem may result in low self-confidence and self-esteem.

A sometimes finding the best treatment for those skin problem may occasionally unhopeful. Knowing that matcha can be an excellent natural treatment will be a lucky tip.

By just mixing the ingredients you will surely achieve the best youthful skin you ever wanted. Plus the chance of making your face radiant that will surely bring confidence anywhere you go.

Here are the things you needed to have a skin free from acne as well as blackheads:

  • A mixing bowl
  • A mixing utensil
  • Any makeup brush
  • One tbsp of matcha green tea powder
  • One tsp. Of honey
  • A pinch of cinnamon
  • A peppermint oil
  • A boiled water

If you have read the mentioned above utensils, then you’re ready for the face mask making.

Be sure to wash all the utensils and other materials you will going to use in making your face mask. This is to make sure that there will be no additional bacteria will be added because that will worsen the case.

Also, make sure to wash your hands properly with soap and maybe it will be good to use boiled water. You are ready to mix the ingredients.

You can now pour the matcha powder in a mixing bowl. Matcha tea powder has all the benefits that your body can get. It is also known to be kind to improve the quality of your hair if used frequently.

After pouring the powder, add the honey and mix. Baby is an excellent source to moisturize the skin texture. This aia, so a great agent to clear the skin scars caused by acne. It is also that this is good to treat sunburn.

Pour now the cinnamon together with the powder and honey. Whisk it properly. Cinnamon can stimulate the blood vessels and can hide wrinkles and face lines in the face.

Add the peppermint oil to the mixture. This oil can act as skin decongestant and protect your skin away from bacteria that may cause an outbreak. It will also give you a refreshing feeling to the surface and can be a good mosquito repellent.

After pouring all those other ingredients in the bowl, you can now stream the boiled water slowly.Stir it carefully and consistently making sure that is is not that thin. Make sure that while mixing the ingredients, it will not pour or spill out away from the mixing bowl.


Get your makeup brush and apply the mixed ingredients to the face, it’s like your just pasting your skin using the brush. You can use your fingers or hand when applying the mixture but it is said that it’s more clean to use the makeup brush.And after using the brush, you can now wash it properly with water to prevent the spread of bacteria

Leave the face mask up to twenty minutes. You should not leave in the face for that long because that will probably damage the skin to make it dry.

After 20 minutes, you can wash your face and apply some cream or facial moisturizer to replenish the texture of the face. You should always remember to choose the right facial product which is best for your skin type to avoid damage and other skin problem.

You can now enjoy you rejuvenated skin using the matcha tea powder as a face mask. You can do this twice a week to enhance and for the faster result in the surface.

Aside from rejuvenating your skin using the matcha tea powder as a face mask, you should also try other tips like moisturizing your skin a, eating healthy food, exfoliating and exercising are the best activity you can have to achieve those beautiful and smooth skin you always wanted.

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