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Tuesday Dec 2021

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Fresh organic matcha tea powder and drink with bowl and Chasen bamboo whisk.

Is too much matcha tea terrible for you?


Is matcha safe to rrink?

Loaded with caffeine

How much of matcha per day should you consume?

The bad effects of matcha tea

Is too much Matcha tea terrible for you?

If you are looking for a morning refreshment that is similar to coffee but have a significant impact on your health, then, why not to look out for matcha. Matcha is a favorite type of green tea drinks; it is not new to us.

In fact, this matcha tea usually uses in Traditional Ceremony in Japan for more than a thousand years now. However, there is also adverse side effects of matcha to our body if we consume this excessively!


A cup of coffee every morning will give arouse you The caffeine contains coffee is ingested quickly into the circulation system and the impacts? It keeps you going for around 60 minutes; however, you may see you begin to crash as the caffeine leaves your system, abandoning you with less vitality and a drop in the state of mind.

Some of us know that matcha has caffeine; though, it’s around a large portion of that of some dark coffee. The matcha caffeine is also digested and immersed gradually approximately more than six hours, giving you a long and continued energy.

As well as, it also stabilizes blood sugar and contains L-theanine, that help to support a condition of calmness and the way your body responds to pressure.

This is a delightful invigorating beverage that everybody loves not because of its taste buds but in its sound effects, however, is matcha good for us? The let see how will affect our body if we consume matcha excessively!

Is Matcha Safe to Drink?

The Matcha tea is rich in antioxidants and may support to lessen the chance of having a coronary illness, manage glucose and lift weight reduction. In spite of the possible health benefits, drinking excessively green tea can result in horrible or yet risky reactions.


For your safety, limit the consumption of matcha green tea five cups or fewer cups for each day.

Loaded with Caffeine

Matcha Green tea is a caffeinated drink, and it may cause reactions, for example, fast heart rate, upset stomach, fretfulness, tension, a sleeping disorder, and tremors.

If you drink green tea frequently, your body may develop subject to caffeine, and you may get withdrawal indications, for example, touchiness, laziness, and cerebral pains once you stop drinking it.

The caffeine content shifts by item, yet green tea from one unique brand contains around 35 mg of caffeine for each fermented pack. Also, drinking 200 mg to 300 mg of caffeine is moderate consumption; however, if you are sensitive to the substance, you may get fewer side effects.

Weaken the Iron Absorption

Tea contains cancer prevention agents called flavonoids, which may protectively affect the health of the human body. Drinking green tea at mealtime can decrease iron ingestion by around 70%, so you might be in an ideal to constraining tea to between-supper tasting.

However, if your supper naturally isn’t finished without some tea, add a press of lemon to help decrease the iron-restricting impact.

The Sweet Green Tea Wretchedness

Drinking too many sweets may result you are gulping a lousy number of calories. Consuming a more significant amount of calories than you burn it up, it will end to additional body fats; in this case, you will be stacking up on sweeteners that can be risky for your waistline.

However, the dull green tea has 0 calories; its packaged variants may contain 30-90 calories for every mug. That every teaspoon of sugar you add in your matcha will add 16 calories to your drinks.

Restorative Complications

We all know that matcha is very safe to drink, however, drinking excessively – may get worse some medicinal conditions. For instance, a person with uneasiness may develop more nervousness, and those with loose bowels may encounter more bowels inconvenience.


Green tea may be dangerous if you have paleness, glaucoma, a heart condition or draining issue. If you have these or some other restorative situation, seek to your specialist about how much matcha green tea you might have the capacity to endure.

How much of matcha per day should you consume?

For some grown-ups, the standard measures of caffeine to drink every one day is 400 milligrams. This implies that around 5.5 rules of matcha every day is safe to drink. However, five steps of matcha are sufficient to keep you empowered consistently.

We all know that drinking caffeine is quite addictive, so drinking excessively of it can prompt unpleasant withdrawal side effects if you didn’t moderately drink this.

The reason why numerous people want to drink matcha is not that of delicious flavors it offers but its medical advantages– drinking too much that you surpass your daily caffeine maximum limit will produce serious health problems.

The reason not to go over the five mugs maximum limit is that matcha isn’t exactly inexpensive. You can usually buy its green tea powder for $35 for 100 grams. Despite its high price, you will receive excellent health benefits for your body!

Keep in mind that around three measures of matcha every day to ensure you aren’t trying too hard. This is to guarantee you consume the overall health advantages without moving toward a risky sum.

Remember how much matcha every day is safe to drink whenever you appreciate this delightful refreshment.

The Bad Effects of Matcha Tea

Matcha is the “SuperFoods” of every tea lover. Because of its fantastic taste yet it has a lot of nutritional value for every portion of its powder, however, like some coffee, matcha also contains caffeine, over-consuming this will lead you to the unpleasant body system.

So, it’s better to limit your matcha consumption to avoid sudden health problems like the following,


Severe Liver Failure

Matcha tea contains a high measure of polyphenols than with other green tea. Taking the high standard of polyphenol (EGCG) causes mild failure of the liver, and it might turn out to be more extreme when taken by patients with the feeble liver.

Continual urination

Matcha has 23.9 milligrams or grams of caffeine which is higher than other green tea. Too much consumption of matcha tea will result to increase in caffeine in your body. Therefore, frequent urination will bring about regular pee prompting diminish in blood sodium and potassium.

Sleeping Disorder

Caffeine goes about as a stimulant for a focal sensory system. An overabundance of the caffeine causes restlessness. As a result, consuming more caffeine through matcha tea causes unpredictable rest case which eventually prompts exhaustion and tiredness of body and moderates reflex activities.

Caffeine during Pregnancy

Drinking matcha should avoid every pregnant woman of its caffeine content that leads to premature birth.  Caffeine additionally hinder with the breast milk which prompts sleep issue in babies.


Since matcha contains high caffeine content, too much drinking, it will obstruct the usual sleep pattern and may result to builds uneasiness and faintness.

Matcha has a great taste. However, too much of this can affect our body in different ways. Remember, the above consequences. Having the right consumption of matcha can lead to a healthy lifestyle!

The Takeaway!

Drinking matcha in a small amount is safe. However, too much of this can lead to different reactions to our body because of its high caffeine content. In drinking matcha, 3 cups per day is enough to receive its fantastic health benefits, but, if you consume this in more than 5 cups can lead to health problems such as dizziness, vomiting and other than can harm our body.

Having the disciplinary-action in drinking matcha can make our body fulfilled with the right nutrients that matcha has!

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