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Tuesday Dec 2021

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Fresh organic matcha tea powder and drink with bowl and Chasen bamboo whisk.

Making your own matcha powder at home

Processing your green tea leaves to make matcha powder



A lot of people are now influenced drinking matcha green tea aside from the known tea drinkers country which is from Japan and China,other countries are now into drinking this healthy drink called matcha green tea.According to the studies that about 60 percent of sales has been derived by just selling green teas for more than ten years.And because of the rapid used of such healthy liquids,it is known that it also uses to some food as ingredients.And while everybody’s has been craving green teas another known kind of green tea can be your next favorite and that is MATCHA.The difference of matcha green tea to those regular green teas out there is that its main process and procedure in making it.Its tea leaves during the growth is properly shaded to make sure that it produces a lot more of chlorophyll to contribute the best nutrients you can get out from drinking matcha tea drink.Its ground powder can be so pleasing in appearance because of its vibrant color green that has a flavored taste of strong grassy tea.During the brewing it’s not actually the usual steeping of tea but it is a kind of blending it in the hot water.However it contains a bit higher of caffeine but we are sure that it is not harmful but it can actually boost your energy the whole day.Some stores has proven that the sales of matcha tea powder has been increasingly higher every year.It is tested that the L-theanine content on this matcha green tea makes people go crazy in buying it because it helps the brain functions swell and gives natural calmness to the body.Long time ago using matcha green tea is popular is tea ceremony that is very known to Japanese people called chado.This can be best drink during the morning or while having a breakfast.You will also enjoy the sound of whisking and it brings music to the ear that even you’re in a hurry going to work you still enjoy the preparation of this matcha green tea.The following tips is how some experts has been doing their matcha tea powder even for many years and maybe you can do it also in your home if your have the right tools or equipment..Please take time to read and enjoy!



One of the reason why is matcha so expensive is because of its procedure to come up with this actual tea.It has a lot of process to some experts but you can have it at the comfort of your home but here I will going to discuss five(5) steps on how your favorite match green tea coe on its way.

  • THE FARMING PROCESS- At first they consider the month of April to be the best season to grow the tea plant called camellia sinensis.After determining the necessary preparations,farmers and experts consider the whole place making it properly shade for about 20 days by using screens and straws.This will help to protect the plants away from the sunlight and can produce a lot more of chlorophyll to the leaves.It results in high content of L-theanine,amino acids and make the tea plant more richer and full in teas.
  • THE HARVESTING PROCESS – This is usually done during the first day of spring time because of the belief that it is considered special beginning of the year and it’s best for harvesting those teas.Though it is said that it varies from year to year and from different time to time but the point is it is carefully handed and picked but the artisans only.Experts believed that the first picking has the best taste and flavor because of its freshness and richness.
  • THE STEAMING PROCESS –More to these Japanese teas are usually steamed after harvesting.It usually last up to 20 second only and it should be done immediately from the time it has picked up.The reason of steaming is to perform the oxidation process that can make the leaves more natural and nutritional effect.
  • THE COOLING AND DRYING PROCESS –The process of the tea leaves if properly blown up an air chamber and can make it cool.They usually put in a surface and allow the air to dry with it.But before this process it has a machine where they put the plant on it and it helps to separate the other parts of the plant from its stems,veins and barks and just leave only the leaf of the plant making it to proceed the process.
  • THE GRINDING PROCESS –The last but not the least of process in the grinding of leaves making it fine and smooth powder.They said that 800 years ago the process of making the tea powder is through manual grinding using the stone.But because of the advancement and innovative approach of the technology nowadays, it uses an automatic equipment where it consistently grind resulting to its finest matcha powder making sure that the customer and client only get the best matcha tea powder.


There are actually a lot of process in making your tea leaves to become matcha powder.But the suggested process above are based on some experts and  manufacturer who has been proven and tested their way of process for many years.

It’s just a fives steps away but you need to be ready enough to make those procedures in order to achieve your goal of making the best matcha tea ever you can have.

And you will enjoy the benefits of this matcha green tea by consuming if often in your daily routine.This can surely refreshing and delicious for yourself to be satisfied.And you will no longer want any other drinks but only matcha green tea.The best substitute drink without worrying the harmful effect in your body,instead you will be delighted because it can be the best pair to your diet and health.

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