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Tuesday Dec 2021

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Fresh organic matcha tea powder and drink with bowl and Chasen bamboo whisk.

Matcha testing technique

Our vision

Whisk Matcha is quite simply a nutrient. each sip is an element of the expertise, waking up all of your senses and taking you on a singular journey.

Whether you’ve never tried matcha otherwise you drink it religiously, correct matcha tasting is associate degree kind however one that won’t discourage. even as you’d with any glass of wine, their square measure steps you want to closely follow to confirm you appreciate every import and distinctive flavor to urge the foremost out of your matcha tasting expertise.

Step 1: cross-check the powder

The powder, especially the color of your matcha is that the initial indication of the standard. A vivacious inexperienced matcha powder that seems bright and nearly electrical indicates a premium quality matcha made up of the youngest and most alimentary tea leaves.If your matcha sports a yellow hue, it had been possibly harvested from associate degree older crop or wasn’t keep properly throughout the assembly method. Note that organic matcha is commonly a less vivacious inexperienced thanks to the natural growth of tea plants while not additional plant food.

Step 2: Smell the powder

Once you’ve got examined the color of the match, bring the match to the point of your nose and inhale slowly and deeply. The aroma of matcha indicates its freshness and caliber. Premium matcha ought to carry a daring aroma of sweetness and bittersweet chocolate, inflicting your mouth to water with impatience.


Step 3: Sift and examine

Carefully lift your powder with a matcha screen and observe however the powder moves. A poor quality matcha can persist with the screen or not move simply within the bowl. Premium matcha, on the opposite hand, can sift simply through the mesh associate degreed fall fantastically to an all-time low of your matcha bowl like fine grains of sentimental sand slithering through a sandglass.

Step 4: Add water and smell once more

Once you have an additional atiny low quantity of hot, however not boiling, water to your matcha and whisked it to a paste, take another deep, slow breath and inhale the new scent. Your matcha ought to currently smell swish and buttery with a touch of umami and dried figs.

Step 5: Sip

Every step has crystal rectifier to the current moment: the instant you finally get to style the match that has been tantalizing your style buds. once adding a lot of water and whisking well, gently swirl your matcha bowl so the matcha is mixed equally.

fastidiously take any low sip and let the style of heat matcha flood your mouth. Let it glide over the rear of your tongue, the roof of your mouth, reaching each soft palate in associate degree explosion of flavor. an ideal match isn’t bitter or astringent; it ought to fill your mouth with contemporary, vegetal flavors: just like the tea fields of city square measure diversion on your tongue.

Once you become a lot of and a lot of at home with matcha, the distinction between varied grades can become progressively obvious. Your refined tastes can appreciate the careful method that goes into creating the foremost pure and premium matcha and your body can savor the nutrients and health edges related each bowl.


OUR VISION: Build a Matcha Community Through Connecting folks

Whisk Premium Matcha tea embraces artisanal premium Japanese matcha and a want to bring the best quality matcha from the exuberant tea fields of Uji urban center to the folks of Vancouver and on the far side. From our luxurious Pinnacle Gold assortment to the premium organic assortment, you’ll realize your true matcha love.

At Whisk Premium Matcha, we have a tendency to believe authentic matcha made of handpicked young tea leaves through a standard Japanese grinding technique. we all know that by following the meticulous method that matcha artisans have followed for thousands of years you’ll get a bowl of emerald inexperienced, swish and aromatic matcha that factory-made, commercial matcha brands cannot deliver.Whisk Premium Matcha strives to create a matcha community for those who share identical values and vision likewise as lead a full of life and healthy fashion. Whisk Premium Matcha could be a tea we have a tendency to not solely drink and savor ourselves, however, once we are able to totally support and suggest to everybody. we have a tendency to invite you and your preferred ones to affix our matcha community and begin your own healthy urban living these days.

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