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The tea ceremony is the way to appreciate the beauty of tea .

The tea ceremony is also regarded as an art of living with tea and tea, a tea-based living etiquette, a lifestyle that is self-cultivating with tea.

It is a kind of beautiful and beautiful ceremony through tea, tea, tea, tea, friendship, beauty, morality, study of etiquette, and appreciation of traditional virtues. Drinking tea can calm down and calm the mind, helping to cultivate sentiment and remove distracting thoughts.

The spirit of tea ceremony is the core of tea culture. The tea ceremony is known as the embodiment of Taoism.

The tea ceremony originated in China and was later introduced to the West. 
Strong tea is one of the most solemn ceremonies in the tea ceremony. It is mainly necessary to wear a black kimono with a white pattern. During the ceremony, the host and the client hardly talked. Learning tea ceremony generally starts with learning to change tea and thin tea. Thin tea is the most basic method of tea ceremony. In addition to thin tea and strong tea, due to the different genres, the preparation of the utensils, the use of the round bamboo brush (stirring and foaming of the tea leaves), the stacking of the small silk cloth, the treatment of the samovar, and the method of licking the tea leaves are all not exactly. 

Tea is one of the six uses of the Han Chinese tea ceremony. It is a measuring tool for the Han nationality to test the tea and take the tea into the soup. In the tea, the tea from tea pot brought out in the tea charge or teapot , the tea needs to be weighed is.