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Matcha bowl tea kiln wash tea ceremonyhandmade dry tea bowl for Whisking Matcha

Taiwan Designer Series Zijin Scrub Tea Bowl

Origin: The simpler the thing, the harder it is to do, just like the cup in front of you. From the color, texture, feel, workmanship and the temperature of the fire, we consider it one by one. I am done, I am satisfied, and I will give it to everyone.

Modeling: Taiwan bowl method is divided into tea bowls, handmade, large capacity, tea can be well stretched in the bowl.

[Please contact customer service to change the price of the gift box, or directly to the store to take the gift box] Service: white can be customized in the cup or cup bottom or poetry 10 yuan per cup limited to 6 words

Mud: Jingdezhen Kaolin
Firing temperature: 1310 degrees RF cone 10#
Glaze color: purple gold matte
Size & capacity
: about 7.8cm
caliber: about 15.7cm
capacity: about 600cc

Net weight: 0.62kg

Each size will be different, and each one of it will be appreciated
(there is a slight error in manual measurement)