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Tuesday Dec 2021

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Fresh organic matcha tea powder and drink with bowl and Chasen bamboo whisk.

The best starbucks matcha green tea powder

Starbucks via matcha green tea powder

Matcha green tea latte easy recipe

Benefits of matcha green tea powder

Some product reviews about the starbucks matcha green tea powder

No matter what is your choice, we can surely enjoy drinking matcha in different ways!


We all know that matcha tea is one of the best healthy kind of tea,but the way and where you order really matters.

Matcha tea is know to its relaxing and calming tea that will surely boost your immune system and brings total wellness in your body.For many years,it is known to have nutrients that can alleviate each one’s health.And these nutritional benefits will help your body system improves and will lead you to free from illnesses and other sickness.

But have you ever wonder to where you can actually buy matcha green tea of what the Starbucks is using?Well,we know that Starbucks is a big and well known company coffee shops that offers a lot to the customers. They have pastries,sweets and other desserts but the best seller are their drinks from tea and coffee they have it all for you.

Maybe you are wishing of something like matcha drink in your house that the same with Starbucks.But the question is where to buy the right matcha green tea?Okay,this leads us to research your concern.We read and go deep in research everywhere from the internet just to give you the best source of matcha green tea that the Starbucks is using.

What about take a look on the list below and maybe you can include them in your list of green teas the next time you shop.And will surely satisfy your cravings about matcha green tea that same with Starbucks.

1.Starbucks VIA Matcha Green Tea Powder

Because of the delicious taste of matcha tea, many people are indulging this drink and even more interested in buying it.A lot of store offering matcha tea but the place where it offers perfect and genuine one are just few.

This very popular drink from Japan can be prepare as hot or cold drink it depends on your need.But because Starbucks offer matcha green tea powder you can now enjoy it anytime in your house.

This drink is surely the best drink when you just want to pamper and relax yourself at home.Aside from its calming effect,it is also brings goodness to the health of everyone.Because green teas are considered to be the healthiest kind of tea.

It regulates proper circulation of the blood in the body and may help to reduce the risk of any illness like cancer and diabetic.This can be a great drink to lower your stress level too.

Where to buy:

Available in the nearest Starbucks Store in your place.



Premium green Tea from Japan

Matcha Green Tea Latte Easy Recipe:


  • Almond milk (¾ cup )
  • 1 sachet of Starbucks Via Matcha green tea powder
  • Hot water(¾ cup)
  • You can use sugar,honey or milk to enhance the taste


  • Use the hot water and add 1 Sachet of Starbucks VIA matcha powder,also mix well the sweeteners that you choose.It is better to use the whisk to properly blend the ingredients.
  • Allow the almond milk to be heated on the stove top.Then put the it in a milk frother.
  • Combine the Froth milk and matcha green tea with hot water
  • Blend properly and enjoy the drink

2.500g Starbucks Matcha Green Tea Powder 1.1lbs

If you’re looking for a huge supply of matcha tea in your kitchen,well you can always avail this Starbucks matcha green tea which is available online.This can be a good drink for small gathering with family,friends and even collegues.It is available in half a kilo so you can make a lot out of it.

This matcha green tea powder cab good to make aiced drinks,lattes,milkshakes, smoothies and ice cream.This can be serve anytime too.Aside from its delicious taste,it brings health benefits to the body.

It is always known that matcha green tea are a good source of antioxidants.It helps a lot in eliminating those radicals and toxins inside the body that may cause to illness and lead to health problems.

Where to buy:

Available in Amazon website.Just click the link. Below:


Premium green Tea from Japan and sugar


  • Almond milk (¾ cup )
  • 1 sachet of Starbucks Via Matcha green tea powder
  • Hot water(¾ cup)
  • You can use sugar,honey or milk to enhance the taste


  • Use the hot water and add 1 Sachet of Starbucks VIA matcha powder,also mix well the sweeteners that you choose.It is better to use the whisk to properly blend the ingredients.
  • Allow the almond milk to be heated on the stove top.Then put the it in a milk frother.
  • Combine the Froth milk and matcha green tea with hot water
  • Blend properly and enjoy the drink


Matcha Green Tea powder has the specific ingredient from a kind of plants called Camellia Sinensis.It is one of the powerful source of many health benefits.

  • GOOD SOURCE OF ANTIOXIDANTS.Matcha green tea can be one of the reason to help you in eliminating those unnecessary material inside the body.If you’re going to consume green tea everyday,toxins in the body will surely release.This is very important because if those toxins will be get rid out from the body it can cause you serious problems ion your health
    • CONTAINS CATECHINS.It has  about 60% of epigallocatechin gallate that also works like antioxidants.It helps in fighting many illness and other sickness.
  • IT GIVES CALMING EFFECT. Green tea helps a lot of in making yourself calm and relax.It has an element that gives brain more relaxing and alleviates one’s feeling after drinking.It boost energy too.
  • MEMORY ENHANCER.The dopamine and serotonin makes your brain and mood promotes wellness to the mind and body of everyone.
  • BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEM.It gives a lot of energy to the body and makes you alert the whole day if you consume this green tea often.It is said that green tea has a little bit of caffeine that makes your body alive and alert.It makes your body endures for 6 hours but still make your heart function well.
  • ELIMINATE CALORIES.It helps to reduce weight  makes your body lighter and creates fast metabolism to release all the fats stored.
  • DETOXIFIES.Because of the process during the harvest of green teas it  gives a lot of chlorophyll that can be helpful to the health when taken.It will naturally release and detoxify the chemical and heavy toxins from the body.
  • LOWER CHOLESTEROL LEVEL.If you take matcha green tea regularly this may result to lower the blood pressure and regulates the heart function too.
    • STRENGTHEN THE IMMUNE SYSTEM.Because of many nutrients present in green tea like Iron,potassium,vitamins A & C and even calcium that strengthens the bones too.
  • GIVES GREAT FLAVOR.Sometimes drinking a healthy drink can be sometimes and obligation.Though it brings goodness to your health but sometimes it’s also unpleasant.But with matcha green tea it’s not just all about healthy but as well yummy too.Matcha teas don’t usually require any sweeteners because it is still a wonderful drink even without those enhancers.This is absolutely your best delicious drink in a bowl.


  • The shipping delivery is not that fast because primarily this matcha green tea powder is made in China.It is not actually from Japan.A bit disappointing.But still the taste is worth the waiting time plus the price is just right.Still I will reorder this matcha green tea powder anytime.
  • This is really same with Starbucks Matcha green tea latte.Best drink that is good for gifts or presents. They will surely love you because of this.
  • Wow!this will really makes me save a lot of money from buying those lattes in Starbucks.This matcha green tea powder is just the same from coffee shops.The shipping is great.It arrives promptly.
  • The taste is rich and full.It has a little bit of bitter flavor but still excellent matcha green tea powder.I will surely buy it over and over again.
  • The taste of this VIA Matcha green tea powder from Starbucks is not that genuine.I think it has a lot of sugar on it.And some artificial flavors too.
  • This can be a very delicious convenient drink in your house but still taste like really those on Starbucks.
  • Aside from its yummy flavor it gives me more energy everyday to do my work.


  • Great source of Green Tea Powder
  • No hustle in preparing the drink
  • Shipping is fast
  • Good drink and has a good side effects on the body.


  • Not 100% pure Matcha Green Tea powder from japan
  • Has a lot of sugar
  • Shipping from China


Matcha green tea is one of the best delicious healthy drink.It will surely satisfy one’s craving and improves your health condition in many ways.This can be drink anytime of the day and in any occasion.This is also a good partner to your daily diet that will not make you worry because of its harmful effect.


Just like the two  matcha green tea powder mentioned above it is known to be Japan’s finest green tea with no preservatives included.We have provided the benefits you can get from drinking those matcha tea and its beneficial effect to your body.

Also,we mentioned where you can actually buy matcha green powder that those the same from Starbucks and its convenience to by and hustle free in preparation.We also give you some ideas on how you can actually prepare a matcha drink that can be nejoy in the comfort of your home with lesser effort and ingredients too.

Hope this article will surely help you in finding the matcha green tea powder from Starbucks and hope this will not disappoint your taste and flavor about it.

We also listed some consequences in buying those green tea powder so that it will guide you and give you the idea before buying.

You can buy them from the Starbucks physical store if you want to visit any shop or you may buy it online through amazon to ease the hustle of travelling.Online buying is best to those on the go person with no time going to any physical market or store.This will make you feel the comfort of delivering your order at your doorsteps by just counting the 1-5 days and you’re good to go with your matcha  powder from Starbucks.

And if you’re looking for some matcha tea powder aside from those powders in Starbucks.You may want to consider buying this product too.

  • Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea Powder
  • Matcha Ceremonial Grade
  • Wickedly Prime Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder
  • KENKO Matcha Green Tea Powder
  • Matcha Green Tea Powder Organic


The items listed above are all organic and is 100% natural in ingredients.It is proven and tested by USDA and known to be safe for drinking.These are the best matchas we find in Amazon who receives higher ratings and reviews from the customer who bought the product.Rest assured that you will not regret buying those matcha tea and keep it for you because that will brings healthy benefits in the body.

I am sure that this will be very helpful in finding not just the best drink but a helpful liquid to your body that may boost your entire body system.Whether you’re in the house,office or even when you’re travelling.You’re always confident that you have your drink with you that will keep you awake the whole day with so much activities.Thanks goodness to matcha green tea.

So what are you waiting for drink buy and drink your best Matcha green tea that same from starbucks.And let us know what you think.

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