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Tuesday Dec 2021

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Fresh organic matcha tea powder and drink with bowl and Chasen bamboo whisk.

Knows the used of a matcha bowl


Tools used in the traditional ceremonies

The use of matcha bowl

The facts about matcha bowls


Knows the used of a matcha bowl

If you are matcha drinker, you probably know how to hold matcha bowl and take it to your lips to taste a little bit of matcha green tea, which is a great pleasure. Usually, the matcha bowl is huge, and the part of tea is small, which takes after the custom of how one is served and drink Matcha in Japan. This matcha bowl is well-made tea bowls that became a most treasured object that everyone wishes to have.

The beautiful looks of a Matcha bowl lie upon of its hues, design, and regular outlines. Some of the matcha collectors and tea enthusiast in Japan pick their pots by its shapes, the straightness or the angle of the sides of the pan, the style of the foot ring, the presences of the Matcha bowls on the coffee table, and how the pot identifies with the other tea making objects in the gathering.


Drinking tasty matcha green tea requires a beautiful matcha bowl so that somehow you can also experience how Japanese uses it for their traditional ceremonies. But have you ever known where this matcha bowl made from? Or even know how it is used?  

In this article, we will be going to show you some facts about the matcha bowls for you to understand why every Japanese use this in their ceremonies efficiently. Let’s just get started!

Before we proceed to what is matcha bowl for, let us know first what are those traditional and modern equipment to prepare matcha green tea.


Tools used in the Traditional Ceremonies

  • Bamboo Matcha Whisk:This is essential tools to create matcha. It was made to make the ideal level of bubbles when blending matcha with high-temperature water; a bamboo matcha whisk is hand-part from a single part of the wood.
  • Matcha bowl: These Matcha bowls come in different sizes. The best ones made by hand, and highlight small defects. While deep pan keeps the hotness of tea and is frequents out boldness, valiance, and assurance.
  • Strainer/Sifter: It is made of rare net metal, the sifter separates little bunches and creates a smoother, frothier bowl of matcha.
  • Tea Jug/Container: This little, lidded container is intended to hold matcha powder, onlybefore the tea service. For longer-term stockpiling, use a sealed tin stockpiling jug.ly utilized as a part of winter, while low bowl enables the tea to cool and work best in late spring.
  • Traditional Teapots:These traditional Japanese tea kettles are made of solid metal, and its significant characteristics designs have its meaning which is the lotus blooms symbolize virtue and illumination, while the dragonflies are an indication of fresh starts, and a tiger bring

Modern tools in preparing matcha

It’s tough to find traditional tools to make a match, however, you can easily see some modern tools right in front of your kitchen such as the following:

  • Battery-operated milk frother
  • Mugs
  • Modern tea kettles/Electric teapot

The use of matcha bowl

Matcha bowls are created for whisking and drinking green tea and are durable enough for this kind of use, however, it is not required for drinking on high-temperature sorts of tea yet they are intended to be used as a tea kettle substitute for soaking free leaf tea.


Relying upon the kinds of clay that are used in making matcha bowls, it can develop a smooth finish matcha bowls.

Varnish cracks seized in high respect by some tea consumers, tea products gatherers and potters. It is the voice of the earth talking and is seen as the earthenware contributing some self-designing to the surface appearance. No two bits of stoneware will ever be the same when the coating builds up an extraordinary example of recognizing coat breaks since its use.

Matcha bowls in Matcha Tea

In preparing matcha tea, heated water is filled the chawan/matcha bowl to warm it up. The water is then spilled and dried out. A little measure of matcha usually not as much as a teaspoon is filtered into the bowl, and a couple of ounces of high-temperature water are included. The tea is then mixed up to the point when it became foamy.

The matcha tea bowls must be sufficiently broad so that there is enough space to move the bamboo whisk – usually around 4 to 6 inches across over at the edge. This is the kind of tea bowls and teas utilized as a part of the Japanese tea ceremonies. The Matcha Chawan bowls can also be used as rice bowls.

The facts about matcha bowls

The sorting of matcha bowl or which is also known as Dhawan is a difficult task, yet the easiest way to sort its classification is the bowl are illustrated by where it came from, its shapes, the materials how it is made, and shadings.

The most widely recognized forms are round, level and tube-shaped. Despite the shape characterization, many present matcha bowls are named through their capacity, regardless of whether for its thicker or thinner tea, for instance.


Finding the best matcha bowls

Since the assortments of matcha bowls are nonstop, finding a decent matcha bowl for everyday use or formal used is viewed as undertakings by Japanese groups. Indeed, even the other countries that are also looking for matcha bowls on the web or in nearby tea stores should know the nuts and bolts about what’s accessible and what average costs are.  

Usually, the traditional tea bowl is called a chawan bowls or matcha bowls, is a decent, universally useful matcha bowl that can be used in both informal and formal purposes.

As well as it is fundamental, reasonable tea mugs are basic in most Japanese families for drinking daily tea. It ought to be noticed that some great matcha bowls are produced by craftsmen everywhere throughout the globe, not only just in Japan country. The impact of tea customs has achieved practically every edge of the world.


Are all matcha bowls have the same sizes? I believe not. Because there’s a lot of different designs for matcha bowls.

Which chawan bowls are good to use? The best chawan bowls in from Japan, however, you can also find some matcha bowls in nearby stores.

The Takeaways

You can genuinely enjoy drinking matcha green tea if you are using the perfect tea bowls. Remember in choosing the right matcha bowls, pick the dark shading and style of a tea bowl that suits your preferences, the events or even to your visitors; the proper size for serving for a particular kind of tea; and, don’t feel doubted to try those in beautiful shapes to make your tea drinking background more fun and energizing.

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